COSine 2018 is proud to welcome science fiction and fantasy author Jody Lynn Nye as our Guest of Honor

Introducing Dr. Dana Carpenter as our Science Guest of Honor for 2018

Local Celebrities Connie and Courtney Willis return as our Special Guests

Our full list of attending authors and program participants will eventually be found here

Jody Lynn Nye

Jody Lynn Nye

Jody Lynn Nye lists her main career activity as ‘spoiling cats.’ When not engaged upon this worthy occupation, she writes fantasy and science fiction books and short stories.

Before breaking away from gainful employment to write full time, Jody worked as a file clerk, book-keeper at a small publishing house, freelance journalist and photographer, accounting assistant and costume maker.

Since 1987 she has published over 50 books and more than 160 short stories. Among the novels Jody has written are her epic fantasy series, The Dreamland, beginning with Waking In Dreamland, five contemporary humorous fantasies, Mythology 101, Mythology Abroad, Higher Mythology (the three collected by Meisha Merlin Publishing as Applied Mythology), Advanced Mythology, The Magic Touch, and three medical science fiction novels, Taylor’s Ark, Medicine Show and The Lady and the Tiger. Strong Arm Tactics, a humorous military science fiction novel, the first of The Wolfe Pack series. Jody also wrote The Dragonlover’s Guide to Pern, a non-fiction-style guide to the world of internationally best-selling author Anne McCaffrey’s popular world. She also collaborated with Anne McCaffrey on four science fiction novels, The Death of Sleep, Crisis On Doona, Treaty At Doona and The Ship Who Won, and wrote a solo sequel to The Ship Who Won entitled The Ship Errant. Jody co-authored the Visual Guide to Xanth with best-selling fantasy author Piers Anthony. She has edited two anthologies, humorous stories about mothers in science fiction, fantasy, myth and legend, entitled Don’t Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear!, Launch Pad, and an anthology of science fiction stories co-edited with Mike Brotherton. She has two short story collections, A Circle of Celebrations, holiday SF/fantasy stories, and Cats Triumphant!, SF and fantasy feline tales. She wrote eight books with the late Robert Lynn Asprin, License Invoked, a contemporary fantasy set in New Orleans, and seven set in Asprin’s Myth Adventures universe: Myth-Told Tales (anthology), Myth Alliances, Myth-Taken Identity, Class Dis-Mythed, Myth-Gotten Gains, Myth Chief, and Myth-Fortunes. Since Asprin’s passing, she has published Myth-Quoted, Dragons Deal and Dragons Run (Ace Books), third and fourth in Asprin’s Dragons series. Her newest series is the Lord Thomas Kinago books, beginning with View From the Imperium (Baen Books), a humorous military SF novel.

Her newest books are Rhythm of the Imperium, third in the Lord Thomas Kinago series; Wishing on a Star, part of the Stellar Guild series, with Angelina Adams, (Arc Manor Press), Pros and Cons (WordFire Press), a nonfiction book about conventions in collaboration with Bill Fawcett; and the 20th novel in the Myth-Adventures series, Myth-Fits.

Her next novel, due out in July 2017 is Moon Beam (Baen), a young adult hard science fiction novel, the first of a new series in collaboration with Dr. Travis S. Taylor.

Science Guest Dana Carpenter

Dr. Dana Carpenter

Dana Carpenter is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado Denver. His research focuses on understanding the mechanical effects of medical implants, drugs, diseases, and exercise of the human skeleton. He uses a combination of tools including medical imaging, 3D computer modeling, 3D printing, and mechanical testing to uncover new relationships between the physical environment and the dynamic biological environment. This work blurs the boundary between the virtual world and the real world to better understand how the human body works. His recent TEDx talk, given at the TEDxUCLA: Gravity event in May 2017, explores the effects of space travel on the human body and suggests ways in which we might be able to enable the human body to travel long distances in space (YouTube link). In his spare time, Dana enjoys skiing and spending time outdoors with his wife and two daughters in Denver.

Connie Willis

Connie Willis

Connie Willis’s first publication (1971) was the short story, “The Secret of Santa Titicaca.” She wrote true confession stories while trying to break into science fiction publication. She began writing full-time in 1982. She has won eleven Hugo Awards, eight Nebula Awards, and eleven Locus awards. Her most recent Hugo was in 2011 for Blackout / All Clear, a novel published in two volumes. Her other award winning books include The Doomsday Book and To Say Nothing of the Dog. Connie was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2009, and was named as the 28th SFWA Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America.
Connie has been a guest of honor at many conventions, including Writer Guest of Honor at LA Con IV, the 64th World Science Fiction Convention in 2006. In her guest of honor speech at LA Con, she cited as her teachers Agatha Christie for plotting, Mary Stewart for suspense, Robert Heinlein for dialogue, P.G. Wodehouse for comedy, William Shakespeare for irony, and Philip K. Dick on how to pull the rug out from under the reader.
Connie is a 1967 graduate of Colorado State College, now the University of Northern Colorado. She resides in Greeley, Colorado with her husband Courtney Willis.

Courtney Willis

Courtney Willis

In his first life, Courtney Willis was a high school science teacher for 23 years. More recently, he was a physics professor at the University of Northern Colorado, a position from which he has now retired. Courtney enjoys collecting slide rules and fiddling with old stereo equipment. He has done science demos at three Worldcons and he presents annually at MileHiCon in Denver, as well as COSine. He has also done spoofs of the science in the Weekly World News. He has participated on a number of science panels at various conventions, where his creative demonstrations are always well received.
Courtney obtained his B.A. in physics and math from the University of Northern Colorado, followed by a M.S. in teaching physics from the University of Wisconsin, Superior, and Ph.D. in science education from the University of Wyoming in 1993.