COSine has long been known for its great discussion panels on a wide variety of fiction, science, and literary panels. We will have two tracks of main programming running from late afternoon on Friday through early afternoon on Sunday, plus author readings, special events, author's reception, and book signing.

We welcome anyone who would like to be on a panel or other programming item. If you would like to participate or if you have suggestions for program items please contact Mary Morman

You must have a membership to attend any COSine functions.

Here is the program schedule for COSine 2018 (last year). The 2019 schedule will be posted once it is available.

Friday, 19 January


1pm – Registration Opens. Set-Up for Art Show, Dealers, and Con Suite

Drop by the 4th floor to pick up your badge. Artists and Dealers can get set up.


3pm – Programming Begins, Art Show and Dealer’s Room open, Con Suite opens, Gaming Begins

Art Show and Dealer’s Room are in the Summit Ballroom on the 4th floor. The Con Suite is on the 3rd floor. Program rooms are on floors 2 and 3.


3-4pm                                                              Rampart

Building the House of the Future

Does your home have a power strip attached to every outlet?  Our needs for power, internet, bathrooms, and kitchen devices has changed dramatically over the past few decades.  And what about things like co-housing, condominiums, and co-ops as opposed to detached homes.  How do we need to prepare for the house of the future?

Thea Hutcheson, Ray Hutton, Nathan Lowell, Wil McCarthy, Christopher Salas


3-4pm                                                    Breckenridge

Her Highness the General:  What happens when the princess grows up to run the revolution?

What if the princess doesn’t want to be saved from the dragon?  What if the princess is the dragon, or recruits the dragon, or defeats the dragon herself? Modern fantasy shows us many non-traditional roles for the traditional princess (adolescent rebellion on steroids!)

Sarah Hoyt, Kevin Ikenberry, Kim Klimek, Connie Willis



4-5pm                                                              Rampart

Archaeology, Mythology, and Maps:

What kind of books do these things engender?

Does re-writing mythology lead to cultural diversity?  Would Tolkien’s world have been as appealing without the maps he drew? We will explore the elements that make for well-loved fantasy.

Carol Berg, Carol Hightshoe, Jody Lynn Nye, L.F. Patten, Laura Reeve


4-5pm                                                    Breckenridge

Seeing what you missed: Eclipse 2017

Courtney Willis and Ronnie Seagren share their images and explanations of last summer’s eclipse.

Ronnie Seagren, Courtney Willis


5-6pm                                                              Rampart

Moon, Mars, or Beyond: the objectives of manned space flight

It’s been nearly 50 years since humanity walked on the moon.  Is manned space flight a worthwhile objective?  What do we gain or lose?  What are our modern goals for space flight and who will accomplish them?

Dana Carpenter, Dan Hoyt, Thea Hutcheson, Ray Hutton, David Kilman, John Stith


5-6pm                                                    Breckenridge

Indie and Small Press Publishing

What are the benefits and drawbacks of not working with mainstream publishers?  How do authors manage this?  Is this an option only for beginners or are established authors doing it too?  What are the different models for accomplishing this?

Charles Anderson, Lou Berger(M), Andy Burns, Carol Hightshoe, Nathan Lowell


5-6pm                                                                   Aspen

Reading by Connie Willis




5-6pm                                                             Art Show

Marketing Your Art – Part One

This Marketing course will cover some of the main points of  beginning Marketing.  It is a very good class for those wanting to talk about pricing, doing research for shows, and hitting the important points of art show sales.

Peri Charlifu


6pm                                                                  Rampart

Opening Ceremonies

Join us as Con Chair Ted Monogue introduces our Guests of Honor and Special Guests and opens this year’s convention.


8-10pm                                                            Rampart

Ask Doctor Science

Special Guest Dr. Courtney Willis will present an interesting presentation on some aspect of science. You never know from year to year what will happen.


8-9pm                                                    Breckenridge

Love, Profit, and Loss: The Life of a Bookseller

Who among us hasn’t fantasized about owning our own bookshop?  Our fan guests of honor participate in an informal discussion of the realities of being a bookseller.

Nina Else, Ron Else


8pm-10pm                                                       Aspen


“Filk” has been described as the folk music of the science-fiction fan community. It’s a mixture of song parodies and original music, humorous and serious, about subjects like science fiction, fantasy, computers, cats, politics, and more... Drop on by to perform or just to listen!


8-10pm                                                          Telluride

Clue Board Game

Whodunnit? Was it Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Candlestick? Come play the classic mystery game. Suitable for all ages.


9-10pm                                                  Breckenridge

Inventorying and Valuing your Collection

Does what you own have value to anyone other than yourself?   What if something is stolen  - how do you record and define what you have.  Appraisals?  Insurance?  And, of course, who gets it when you die?

David Kilman, Joe Sokola


11pm until bored                                        Rampart

Ultimate Werewolf game

Join Connor Monogue for this social guessing game played in a circle. A staple at conventions of all sorts, for up to 20 players. Ages 10+


Saturday, 21 January


8-10am                                                           Telluride

Legend of Drizt Board Game

A dungeon crawl that changes every time you play it, based on the D&D Forgotten Realms material.

(Ages 12+)


9am — Registration opens

Pick up your badge or buy a day membership


9am — Con Suite opens

Swing by for a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the dark side of breakfast with Death Star waffles. Who doesn’t like waffles?


10-11am                                                         Rampart

Guest of Honor Interview with Jody Lynn Nye

Ted Monogue will interview our GoH Jody Lynn Nye on her life and career, followed by a question and answer session.

11am-Noon                                                   Rampart

Why are we paying to invite Big Brother into our homes and lives?

Back in the 20th century we were all worried about the government and corporations spying on us in our homes. Today we welcome Alexa, Google, and Siri to listen to every word we say. We fill our homes with cameras streaming constantly to the Internet. Have we abandoned all precepts of privacy or do we just trust Silicon Valley that much?

Lou Berger, Dana Carpenter, Dan Hoyt, David Kilman, Wil McCarthy, Ted Monogue(M)


11am-Noon                                                        Aspen

Reading By Kevin Andersen


11am-Noon                                                  Art Show

Marketing your Art  – Part Two

Finding your voice and developing your brand.   We will talk about the importance of branding yourself and how to find the perfect voice for your work and for your lifestyle. Too often artists try to do the latest thing and are not true to themselves. Learn some strategies for having your cake and eating it too!

Peri Charlifu


11am-1pm                                                    Telluride

Cosmic Encounter Board Game

Defend your planets and conquer your foes with your bizarre alien powers! A sci-fi classic. (Any Ages)


Noon-1pm                                                      Rampart

Collaboration: Writing in Other People’s Worlds

Robert Asprin came up with Thieves’ World in 1979 and authors flocked to write in the world he created  – and to create other common worlds.  Media tie-in novels became intensely popular and profitable. Other authors, like Anne McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey, asked fellow writers to collaborate with them in creating specific stories in their universe.  Yet another joint work is when one author continues a series started by another.  Our panelists with give first hand stories of collaboration in the F/SF genre.

Kevin Anderson, Lou Berger(M), Rebecca Moesta, Jody Lynn Nye, Ronnie Seagren


Noon-1pm                                            Breckenridge

Heinlein vs. the Star Trek Federation:  Which future do we choose?

Heinlein and Rodenberry choose very different visions of the future.  At this time in history, which do we find more realistic, and which do we aspire to achieve?

Chuck Anderson, Sarah Hoyt, Ray Hutton, John Stith


Noon-1pm                                                          Aspen

Rapunzel, Rapunzel! – A cosplay braiding workshop

Bring a comb and your hair for this hands-on workshop.


1-2pm                                                              Rampart

Creative Writing: A Surprise Activity

Working together and vocalizing their ideas, our panel will create a story synopsis for an F/SF novel that includes all of  the items provided for them as props.  The audience will have an opportunity AFTER the story line is complete to comment and question.

Carol Berg, Lou Berger, Mem Morman(M), John Stith, Connie Willis


1-2pm                                                    Breckenridge

Marketing Your Masterpiece

Examples of marketing techniques from authors and artists.

Andy Burns, Peri Charlifu, Thomas Fowler, Nathan Lowell

1-2pm                                                                   Aspen

Readings by Thea Hutcheson, Kevin Ikenberry, and L.F. Patten


1-2pm                                                             Art Show

Learning Simple Origami

Origami paper will be provided.  Create art from simple instructions ... and harder ones, like making an alien.


2-3pm                                                             Rampart

Building my first Lightsaber: A presentation by Kevin Anderson

Prominent writer Kevin Anderson describes the growth of his career.  What went wrong, what was successful, and what could have been done better.


2-3pm                                                    Breckenridge

Reading the Slush Pile

What does it take to catch the interest of an editor?  Most editors won’t read past the first 250 words unless they see something they like.  Our panel of editorial experts will read anonymous submissions and comment on whether or not they would take further interest.

Lou Berger, Andy Burns, Carol Hightshoe, Corie Weaver


2-3pm                                                            Con Suite

Tea: The beverage, the meal, the ritual

Ever wondered about the difference between Oolong and Lapsang Souchong?  Or the difference between cream tea, afternoon tea, and high tea?  Join us in the con suite for a discussion of these and other tea-flavored mysteries, and have a sip and a tea sandwich while you’re at it.

Rosa Brassart, Sheila McClune, Melanie Unruh


2-4pm                                                             Telluride

Steve Jackson’s OGRE

Play the new Kickstarter Edition of this classic tactical combat game of giant cybernetic tanks against an entire army! (Ages 12+)


3-4pm                                                              Rampart

The Best Books I’ve Never Read

The single question in the world that garners more lies than any other is “Have you read...?”  We all tell lies about the classics of western literature, but what F/SF books ‘should’ we be reading? Panelists will also discuss the best that they have actually read.  Bring something to take notes!

Sarah Hoyt, Kim Klimek, Nathan Lowell, John Stith, Connie Willis


3-4pm                                                    Breckenridge

Was there really SF before Steampunk?

Is anyone old enough to remember those early scenes on the space ship heading for Dune?  Victorian luxury mixed futuristic technology and abilities has created a genre that appeals to many writers and readers.  Where did steampunk begin (Verne?) and where is it going?

Carol Berg, Thomas Fowler, Christopher Salas, Melanie Unruh


3-4pm                                                                   Aspen

Reading by Jody Lynn Nye


4-5pm                                                              Rampart

You can only suspend disbelief so far: Keeping the Science in Science Fiction

Somewhere there is a line that separates fantasy from science fiction.  That borderland is a grey area that authors and readers negotiate.  If you are trying to write SF, how much science do you need to include?  Can you make up the science, or does it have to be based on current knowledge?

Lou Berger, Dana Carpenter, Dan Hoyt, Sarah Hoyt, Thea Hutcheson, Jody Lynn Nye

4-5pm                                                  Breckenridge

Rebuilding Your Career after Tragedy

Major loss or injury can bring a writing career to a standstill.  Those who have dealt with these issues will share strategies for coping and moving forwards.

Jennifer Drury, L.F. Patten, Laura Reeve


4-5pm                                                                Apsen

Who is Honor Harrington? An introduction to David Weber’s Honorverse series

David Weber is an award winning author. He created a universe of rich detail in a military sci-fi setting. At the center of it is his main character Honor Harrington. The Royal Manticore Navy will explore why Honor is such a compelling character in an equally compelling story, and affectionately call the setting the Honorverse. Also discussed is how this series birthed such a devout fandom.

The Royal Manticore Navy fan club


5:30-7pm Colorado Grand Ballroom Salon A

Author Reception & Mass Autographing

All of our authors will gather in Salons A & B on the first floor to sign books and meet with fans. There will be a refreshment buffet with savory nibbles and a cash bar. All members are invited to attend. The 2019 COSine Guest of Honor will be announced. Participating authors may begin setting up at 5pm.


8-9pm                                                              Rampart

Is the media ruining science fiction as we know it?

There are two kinds of SF in modern media  - those that define themselves as science fiction (Star Wars, Orville, Babylon5, etc.) and those that pretend that their science is real (Crime Scene Investigators, for example).  Are these media presentations debasing written science fiction, or are they encouraging the genre?

Carol Berg, Lou Berger(M), Thea Hutcheson, Melissa Koons, Wil McCarthy

8pm-midnight                                     Breckenridge

COSine presents Saturday Night at the Movies

Check the schedule board at the Con to see what we’ll be watching this year.


8pm-Midnight                                                   Aspen


Filking continues with more rounds of songs, both fun and serious.


8-10pm                                                          Telluride

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. Unlike most of the party games you’ve played before, this game is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends (Ages 18+)


9-10pm                                                            Rampart

Ed Bryant:  a retrospective of love and horror

Ed’s last con was our COSine 2017.  He had attended almost all of the COSines, and the changing numbers Khans before that.  His writing and his charming personality made him one of our best loved authors.  We gather in memoriam.

Chuck Anderson, Lou Berger, Ronnie Seagren


11pm                                                                Rampart

Ultimate Werewolf game

Join Connor Monogue for this social guessing game played in a circle. A staple at conventions of all sorts, for up to 20 players. Ages 10+

Sunday, 21 January

8-10am                                                           Telluride

Elder Sign Card Game

A cooperative game set in the Cthulu mythos. Can you stop the cultists before the Elder Gods arrive and devastate the world? (Ages 12+)


9am — Registration opens

Pick up your badge or get the best price on pre-registration for COSine 2019.


10am — Dealers Room and Art Show open

The Art Show will close at noon to prepare items for the auction and pick-up. Don’t miss your last chance to bid!


10-11am                                                         Rampart

Liquid Nitrogen Workshop: Eat Your Science

This is guaranteed to be the coolest panel of the con! Come chill with us as we shatter your expectations (along with common household objects). We will be making frozen treats to share with all. All you chemistry geeks will be in your element here.

Robin Monogue, Ted Monogue


10am-Noon                                                        Aspen

Cosplay Workshop: The Devil in the Details

Amy Griswold, a professional seamstress with over 30 years of costuming and sewing experience, and Melanie Unruh, an experienced medieval and steampunk costumer, will discuss and demonstrate the details of  needed for successful cosplay at conventions.

Amy Griswold, Melanie Unruh


11am-Noon                                                   Rampart

Are Cowboys and Saloons replacing Knights and Castles as the background for historical fantasy?

Traditional fantasy depended on a medieval  background  - knights, castles, princesses, and dragons were standard.  Current historical fantasy has moved into different locales and time periods.  How is this effecting sales and diversity.

Andy Burns, Carol Hightshoe(M), L.F. Patten, Christopher Salas


11am-Noon                                         Breckenridge

Warrior Women in History: Models for Female Characters

Historian Dr. Kim Klimek presents examples for actual female warriors.  Let this presentation keep you on a realistic road as you create your characters.


11am-Noon                                                  Telluride

Munchkin Card Game

Go down into the dungeon. Kill everything you meet. Backstab your friends and steal their stuff. Grab the treasure and run. A light-hearted card game. (Any Ages)



Convolutions of Humor in the Science Fiction Oeuvre: Connie and Jody Lynn discuss funny books

Connie and Jody Lynn riff off each other about the humor in science fiction  - what you see and what you don’t see and what never makes it to press.

Jody Lynn Nye, Connie Willis


Noon-1pm                                            Breckenridge

Bundling up Your Universe

How do readers feel about writers who try to tie up all the people and plot lines from their world into one big bow?  This consistency can be very successful, but trying to merge thirty years of fairly independent writing can be a disaster.  Who did it well and who did not?  When does the choice need to be made, or should you even try?

Chuck Anderson, Carol Berg, Robert Chansky, Sarah Hoyt, Laura Reeve

1pm — Art Show Auction (Art Show)

Bid on artwork that went to auction before it gets away!


1-2pm                                                             Rampart

Science GOH: Blurring the Boundary Between Virtual Worlds and the Real World

Dr. Dana Carpenter will talk about 3D imaging (using medical technology as well as a hand-held laser scanner), and how we can create virtual models and real-world models based on the images.

Dana Carpenter


1-2pm                                                    Breckenridge

Our Fascination with the Future of War

One of the most popular sub-genres of science fiction is Mil-SF.  What drives the appeal of our interest in the future of war?  Who does it well, and what plot and character devices are not as successful.

Robert Chansky, Kevin Ikenberry, Laura Reeve, Chrisopher Salas


1-3pm                                                                   Aspen

Knitting Chain Mail: a hands-on workshop

Knitting isn’t only for yarn and needles. You can create garments with wire and pliers too!. Come and learn how to make your own chain mail in a variety of patterns and shapes

Brian Morman


1-2pm                                                             Telluride

Bears vs. Babies Card Game

A new card game from the Oatmeal and company. Stitch together a Handsome Salmon armed with knives and burritos, or a Pomeranian of Light and Wonder in business attire who can run at the speed of light. Give your creation limbs, weapons, and special hats to help prepare them for the inevitable infant onslaught. (Ages 10+)





2-3pm                                                              Rampart

We Kid Because We Love: Parodies of science fiction and fantasy

Every popular art form inspires parodies and send-ups of the more famous works. From Bored of he Rings and Redshirts to Galaxy Quest and Spaceballs, writers and movie producers have poked fun at our beloved genre. Some have been mean-spirited while others have seemed more of a homage. Which are your favorites (and your favorite ones to hate)?

Sarah Hoyt, David Kilman, Ted Monogue(M), Jody Lynn Nye


2-3pm                                                    Breckenridge

Writers vs. Readers: Keeping Secrets while Playing Fair

How do you keep important plot elements secret until the appropriate moment in the story but still manage to “play fair” with your reader about what may be happening.  No one wants the unknown identical twin brother to show up with an omnipotent weapon at the last minute without any foreshadowing.  How do authors reveal important plot elements in such a way that the reader is still surprised?

Chuck Anderson, Lou Berger(M), L.F. Patten, Ronnie Seagren, Melanie Unruh, Connie Willis


2pm — Art Pickup (Art Show)

Pick up and pay for any art you bid on during the show or auction.


3pm                                                                  Rampart

Closing Ceremonies

Followed by tear-down and the Dead Dog Party in the Con Suite. Help us pack up and get some snacks! Thanks for coming to COSine 2018!

Martin panel COSine panel Sharon Shinn Steampunk Ball