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Past meetings

December 8, 2017 Meeting

Please note our meeting this month will be at a different location and date than usual. It’s Ah-December, and we will therefore be holding our First Friday Fandom meeting on the second Friday of the month. The reason is that

November 3, 2017 Meeting

In November we will meet early to enjoy a night at the movies with the 1970 classic Colossus: The Forbin Project. Pizza will be provided, but please bring other goodies to enjoy with dinner. This meeting will not be at

October 6, 2017 Meeting

This month we will meet at October 6 at 8pm at the usual location at 1245 Allegheny Drive. In October we typically read the Hugo Award winner for best novel for the year. In this case the winner is The

September 1, 2017 Meeting

The September meeting will be Friday September 1st at 8pm, held at our usual location at 1245 Allegheny Drive. This month we will be discussing another book that was not in the usual genre for the author, Alice’s Adventures in

August 4, 2017 Meeting

Important Note! The location for this month is changed. The meeting this month will be hosted by Richard Karsh. We will meet at the Eagle Point Townhomes clubhouse, located at 301 Eagle Summit Point, Colorado Springs 80919. Here is the

July 7, 2017 Meeting

We will meet early for our potluck barbecue First Friday Fandom will be celebrating Independence Day with our annual potluck barbecue. The club will provide hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, and condiments. Please bring a side or dessert to share with

June 2, 2017 Meeting

Continuing our theme of authors writing outside of their usual genres, this month’s book will be Cinnabar by Edward Bryant. This is a set of eight linked short stories about Cinnabar, the “City at the center of time”. We will

April 7, 2017 Meeting

Continuing this year’s theme of science fiction or fantasy books by authors writing outside of their usual genres, our book for April will be The Science Fiction Stories of Rudyard Kipling, edited by John Brunner. This collection is out of

February 3, 2017 Meeting

This year we will be reading science fiction or fantasy books by authors writing outside of their usual genres. Our book for February will be The Eyes of the Dragon, a fantasy novel by Stephen King. We will meet at

January 6, 2017 Meeting

So this time of year is busy as we get ready to run COSine. We plan to meet at the hotel. Details will be posted here. Our book is My Real Children by our author Guest of Honor Jo Walton.