First Friday Fandom is a science fiction and fantasy book club that meets on the … you guessed it… first Friday of the month. We get together to chat, eat brownies, and talk about our favorite science fiction and fantasy books and movies. We are also the folks responsible for the COSine science fiction convention ( 

Our meetings are generally held at 8 pm on the first Friday of the month, unless otherwise posted, near Academy Blvd. and Maizeland Rd. in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Please enter through the gate on Murray Blvd. 
K&E Jordan
2906 Stonewall Heights
Come join us for a meeting!


Aug 2, 2024 ~ 8 pm ~ K&E’s ~ The Telling by Ursula K. LeGuin 
Sep 6, 2024 ~ 8 pm ~ K&E’s ~ Neuromancer by William Gibson
Oct 4, 2024 ~ 8 pm ~ K&E’s ~ The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley
Nov 1, 2024 ~ 8 pm ~ K&E’s ~ The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein
Dec 6, 2024 ~ 8 pm ~ K&E’s ~ Hugo Book (preferably by a SFWA Grand Master)