Month: March 2014

March 2014 Minutes

First Friday Fandom 7th March 2014 Attending: Richard Karsh, Joe Sokola, Terry Adams, James Yakura the younger, Kent Bloom, Mem Morman, Robin Monogue, Ted Monogue, Connor Monogue, Cary Quinn Richard the president got things rolling at 8:21pm. He’s read a

March 7, 2014 Meeting

We will be reading Contact by Carl Sagan as a continuation of our one hit wonders for this year’s books. While Sagan wrote other books, this is his only fiction novel. We will meet at 8pm at 1245 Allegheny Drive,

April 4, 2014 Meeting

As a continuation of our one-hit-wonders theme, the book for this meeting will be Lud in the Mist by Hope Mirrlees. From Goodreads, “Lud-in-the-Mist, the capital city of the small country Dorimare, is a port at the confluence of two

May 2, 2014 Meeting

Another book that can be considered a one hit wonder is Silverlock by John Myers Myers. This work is filled with literary allusions, and should provide some interesting discussion. Goodreads says: “In this classic of fantasy fiction, John Myers transports

June 6, 2014 Meeting

Our one hit wonder book for June will be Halfway Human by Carolyn Ives Gilman. From Goodreads: “Tedla is young, beautiful and blond but is neither he nor she. On a far-off world, an asexual class of “blands” exists to

July 4, 2014 Meeting

Well, given the timing on this one, we will probably be holding our annual 4th of July barbecue. We’ll discuss it at  a meeting and post details here. The book for this month (whenever we meet) will be another attempt

August 1, 2014 Meeting

This month’s foray into one hit wonders of science fiction will be Replay by Ken Grimwood, which asks the question of “What if you could live your life over again? and again? and again?”  From Goodreads: “Jeff Winston was 43