First Friday Fandom meets the first Friday (unless we’ve rescheduled due to a convention) at 8pm. We generally buy 2-3 copies of our discussion books (except those available for free online!), which are available at the meeting a month beforehand.

January 4, 2019 meeting

Please note our meeting this month will be at a different location than usual.

It’s January, which means in preparation for COSine we will be meeting at the Hotel Elegante, at our usual time of 8 pm. See below for directions and details.

We will be discussing the works of our COSine Guest of Honor, Carrie Vaughn.

We will be meeting at the Hotel Elegante, our Con hotel, at 8 PM. We will be in the Breckenridge room. That’s the room we use for main programming, on the 3rd floor of the tower where we have our Con space. Take the elevators directly across from the lobby enterance, go up to the third floor, and look directly across the hall. A map and directions can be found at the Elegante website

Ah December 14, 2018 Meeting

First Friday has a history of sometimes being held on the second Friday of the month in A months, like April, August, and Ah December. We’ll be meeting on December 14th for the next FFF.

The meeting will be at the usual time of 8pm and place, at 1245 Allegheny Drive. Bring snacks to share if you like.

Our book will be Small Gods by Terry Pratchet.

November 2, 2018 Meeting

November is the month we watch a movie at someone’s house. The movie will be one of the pinnacles of Sci-Fi comedy, Galaxy Quest. This meeting will not be at our usual time or location. We will meet at 6pm at the home of Erin and Karen Jordan at 2906 Stonewall Heights, Colorado Springs.
Map to Karen and Erin's

October 5, 2018 Meeting

First Friday will meet at 8pm at the home of Kent and Mary at 1245 Allegheny Drive. We will be discussing The Gospel of Loki by Joanne M. Harris.

Goodreads summarizes the book as follows:

The novel is a brilliant first-person narrative of the rise and fall of the Norse gods – retold from the point of view of the world’s ultimate trickster, Loki. It tells the story of Loki’s recruitment from the underworld of Chaos, his many exploits on behalf of his one-eyed master, Odin, through to his eventual betrayal of the gods and the fall of Asgard itself. Using her life-long passion for the Norse myths, Joanne Harris has created a vibrant and powerful fantasy novel.

We hope to see you there!

September 7, 2018 Meeting

Our meeting this month will be at our usual time of 8pm at the home of Kent and Mary at 1245 Allegheny Drive. Our book will be the first book of the young adult Enchanted Forest series by Patricia C. Wrede, Dealing with Dragons. You may of course read the whole series if you choose. These books are part of our 2018 theme of humor in F&SF.

The book will be available to borrow from the club, or can be found at our wonderful public library Pikes Peak Library District in audiobook, ebook, or actual printed book versions.

August 10th Summer Picnic and FFF Meeting

You will note that since August is an “A” month, we will not be holding the meeting on the first Friday of the month. Instead we will meet August 10th. Because our usual location at Kent and Mary’s house is still being renovated after roof repairs, we will meet at the home of Rick Ayers for our summer barbecue.

August 10th, 6pm at 5650 Flintridge Drive
Come at 6pm for a potluck barbecue, with hamburgers, hotdogs and buns provided by the club. Please bring side dishes, salads, beverages or desserts to share. The book for this month is John Scalzi’s Redshirts.

Rick lives at 5650 Flintridge Drive in Colorado Springs. Here’s a map:

July 13, 2018 Meeting

Phule's Company
Please note our meeting this month will be at a different location and date than usual.

A lot of us are at Westercon in Denver the usual First Friday, so we will therefore be holding our First Friday Fandom meeting on the second Friday of the month. Our meeting place will also change due to renovations at Mem’s home. We will be meeting at the home of Rick Ayers at 5650 Flintridge Drive. See the map below for directions.

Our book will be Robert Asprin’s Phule’s Company about an unusual millionaire who decides to take on the toughest project of his life – leading a misfit band of soldiers on some unusual adventures.

April 6, 2018 Meeting

A Civil Campaign First Friday will meet at 8pm on April 6th at 1245 Allegheny Drive.

Our book this month will be Lois McMaster Bujold’s A Civil Campaign. This entertaining novel is part of the Miles Vorkosigan series, but the books can be read out of order if you don’t mind spoilers.

Friday March 2, 2018 Meeting

This month we will meet at 8pm at the usual location at 1245 Allegheny Drive. Our book theme for 2018 is humor in science fiction and fantasy.

We’ll be reading William Goldman’s novel that inspired one of the best movies ever – The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern’s Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure. Goldman took an interesting approach to this book; pretending the story was one told to him by his grandfather, translated from an old Florinese novel written hundreds of years earlier by “S. Morgenstern”. He describes his (fictional) efforts to find the book at rare book sellers. After finally getting a copy and reading it, he realized that his grandfather had been skipping over big swathes of political commentary and asides on historical fashion in order to tell him the “good parts version”. Give it a read!

Friday February 2, 2018 Meeting

We will meet at our usual time of 8pm at the usual location at 1245 Allegheny Drive (which is unusual, given the recent variation in locations and dates. February sees the installation of new officers elected in January, although they are pretty much the same officers as before.

In keeping with the 2018 theme, our book for this month will be John M. Ford’s Star Trek novel How Much for Just the Planet?. If you haven’t read it yet, give it a try. It’s a very silly but amusing read.