October 4, 2019 Minutes

First Friday Minutes: October 4, 2019 – Karen’s and Erin’s Attending: Kent, Robin, Lisa, Mem, Robyn, Joe, Erin, Karen, Arlen, Ted, Cary, Tim, Jack, Eli, Cait, Richard, Morland, New People: Cindy Dunn, Wes, Marcus Presiding: Kent – 20:10 President’s Report: Received letter from Space Foundation in Thanks for our gift to them. Vice President’s Report: … Read more

January 8, 2008 Minutes

First Friday Fandom January 4. Meeting Called to Order: 8:30 Attending, Jack, Terry, Kent, Ted, Erin, Karen, Joe, Cary, MEM, – All paid their $10 annual dues. Proposed Slate: President: Robin Monogue Vice-President: Terry Adams Secretary: Mary Morman Treasurer: Joe Sokola COSine Chair: Ted Monogue Trustee: Cary Quinn Trustee: Jack Heneghan Trustee: Kent Bloom Results: … Read more

December 14, 2007 Minutes

FFF Meeting Dec 14, 2007 Called to order 8:30 Attending: Terry, Ted, Kent, Robin, Jack, MEM, Cary, Don Pelton, Joe, President. Nothing to Report Vice, No Vice Secretary, nothing posted but Robin updated web Site Treasurer: We actually made a little profit on COSine 2007 ~$300 Trustees: need to put together a Trustee Slate, didn’t … Read more

September 6, 2019 Minutes

First Friday Minutes: September 6, 2019 – Karen’s and Erin’s Attending: Morland, Robin C, Rick, Kent, Robin M, Rosa, Lisa, Richard K, Robyn, Joe, Erin, Karen, Arlen, Ted, Cary, Tim Presiding: Kent – 20:13 President’s Report: NTR Vice President’s Report: NTR Secretary’s Report: Minutes of previous Meeting posted to Facebook. Social Secretary’s Report: NTR Treasurer’s … Read more