2th May 2014 Minutes

Attending:  Richard Karsh, Robert Lisak, Samantha Lisak, Rosemary Lisak, Kent Bloom, Mem Morman, Terry Adams,  Joe Sokola, Jack Heneghan, Rick Ayers, Robin Monogue, Ted Monogue, Brendan Monogue, James Yakura the younger, Cary Quinn, Richard the president called the meeting to order at 8:15pm. He is not a Hugo finalist this year.   Vice-president Joe reports that … Read more

April 2014 Minutes

Friday, April 4, 2014 The meeting was called to order at 8:28 pm. Present were Jack, Richard, Robin, Joe, Jay, James, Terry, Ted, Robyn, Cary Officer Reports President: nothing to report Vice Pres. Brownies with hazelnuts Treasurer: The treasurer has unilaterally decided to submit written reports once per quarter because of a lack of monthly … Read more

March 2014 Minutes

First Friday Fandom 7th March 2014 Attending: Richard Karsh, Joe Sokola, Terry Adams, James Yakura the younger, Kent Bloom, Mem Morman, Robin Monogue, Ted Monogue, Connor Monogue, Cary Quinn Richard the president got things rolling at 8:21pm. He’s read a few things recently, and he retired yesterday. Vice-president Joe reports that for vice we have … Read more

February 2014 Minutes

First Friday Fandom  7th February 2014 Attending:  Richard Karsh, Joe Sokola, Robyn Montgomery, Terry Adams, Jack Heneghan, Richard Ayers, Kent Bloom, Mem Morman, Robin Monogue, Ted Monogue, Cary Quinn Richard the president declared the meeting open at 8:10pm.  The highlight of his month so far is Terry’s Facebook post on her very positive test results.  … Read more

July 2013 Minutes

We met early (perhaps a bit too early) for the annual 4th of July picnic. There was a wide variety of food present. After satisfying our hunger, we discussed the future of COSine. Those present, as well as Mem, who sent us an email from Midwestcon, were in favor of resuming COSine for 2015. The … Read more