First Friday Fandom Minutes: May 6th, 2022

First Friday Minutes: 5-6-2022 In-Person and Online

Attending: Arlen, Morland, Karen, Erin, Jack, Tim, Ted, Cyndi, Don
Zoom: Richard Karsh, Cary, Megan, Kent, Sheila

Presiding: Ted – Called meeting to order at 8:11pm

President’s Report: Ted – NTR

Vice President’s Report: Ted – NTR

Secretary’s Report: Morland – Minutes of previous Meeting posted!

Social Media Secretary’s Report: Jack – NTR.

Treasurer’s Report: Ted (on Lisa’s behalf) – We have money. EIN. Artshow (Event License, etc., for sales tax)

Trustees Report: Karen – There are no new people showing up.

Book Committee: Erin – There are books.

Photo Committee: Mem – The photo committee has many photos.

Refreshments Committee: We are refreshed.

COSine 2023: Morland – NTR

Old Business: – July meeting is still being figured out. Date decided by the group is Saturday, July 2nd starting at 4pm the primary site will be Karen & Erin’s place, secondary site will be Robin & Ted’s, tertiary site will be the Bloom House.

New Business: – NTR

Announcements: – Kent: No one filed for the Westercon two years from now. Paperwork needs to be done to submit by 2 Jul this year. Erin: Space-X launched a design for the 11th time, exceeded their goals for 10 launches. Other. Ted: Rocky Mountain Star Stare in Gardner in Southern Colorado. More than 100 telescopes will be there. Amateur astronomy event. Karen: I’m famous. And Erin is famous too. Humane Society Volunteer Spotlight. Megan: I will not be on next month.

Next Meeting: 3 June 2022 at Karen’s House

Book: The Cryptid Catcher, Lija Fisher

Adjourn: 8:31pm

Book Discussion: Book: Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde