First Friday Fandom Minutes: June 3rd, 2022

First Friday Minutes: 6-3-2022 In-Person and Online

Attending: Eli, Morland, Jack, Dave
Zoom: Richard Karsh, Cary, Sheila

Presiding: Eli – Called meeting to order at 8:10pm

President’s Report: NTR

Vice President’s Report: NTR

Secretary’s Report: Morland – Minutes of previous Meeting posted!

Social Media Secretary’s Report: Jack – NTR.

Treasurer’s Report: Eli (on Lisa’s behalf) – We have money.

Trustees Report: NTR.

Book Committee: NTR.

Photo Committee: NTR.

Refreshments Committee: NTR.

COSine 2023: Morland – NTR. Visit to hotel pending.

Old Business: – NTR.

New Business: – July meeting still up in the air…. Karen’s? Ted’s? Mem and Kent’s? Will send out a list of side dishes.

Announcements: – Eli: Voyager probe sending back incorrect data. Tim: Elon Musk wants to get rid of 10% employees. Eli: The Fifth Element is coming back to theaters this month.

Next Meeting: 8 July 2022 at TBD. Check your email or facebook!

Book: Wake by Robert J. Sawyer

Adjourn: 8:29pm

Book Discussion: Book: Magic and the Shinigami Detective by Honor Raconteur