First Friday Fandom Minutes: January 6th, 2023

First Friday Minutes: 01-06-2023 In-Person and Online

Attending: Eli, Jack, Morland, Arlen, Karen, Erin, Dave, Tim, Cyndi, Ted, Wes, Rosa, Richard, Cait, Lovern, Ted
Zoom: Megan, Cary, Mem, Richard K, Lisa

Presiding: Eli – Called meeting to order at 8:17pm

President’s Report: NTR

Vice President’s Report: NTR

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from last meeting being posted as we speak!

Social Media Secretary’s Report: NTR.

Treasurer’s Report: We have money.

Trustees Report: Cyndi/Richard/Karen – Voted on last month’s proposed slate. PASSED!!!!

Book Committee: NTR

Photo Committee: NTR

Refreshments Committee: We are refreshed. Water/truffles

COSine 2023: Arlen – COSine 2023 will be HERE at the hotel. 202/88 room nights (80 was the goal). Money collected, checks written. More on food this year, too. Badges went to Mem today. Program Book and Schedule will go to the printer on Thursday. Con Suite discussion with Rosa and Arlen…Martha Wells has donated stuff for the Charity Auction. Mitzi Bartlet will be doing the auction. Status report will be sent out Sunday. Bartender. Morland…gift baskets? COVID policy – either have to be inoculated or tested…HOWEVER we will not enforce it in any way. WE ARE MASKING IN EVENT SPACE!!! More signs for Art Show, etc. Went over prices for day vs. weekend. Storage locker run will take place on THURSDAY! Discussed Art Show unpacking. And discussed dividing duties for COSine 2024. Day only: Fri-$25,Sat-$35,Sun-$25

Unfinished Business: Speaker & Microphone purchased.

New Business: NTR

Announcements: Space-X launched and landed 60 this year…. They hope to beat that this year. First baby step towards fusion taken. (This was debatable by the group!) Strides in Quantum Entanglement made as well! (15 miles/0 errors) Artemis was successful…orbit was changed. Users on Mastodon (Twitter equivalent) now has 2.5 million users.

Next Meeting: February 3rd, 2023

Next Book: Remnant Population by Elizabeth Moon

Adjourn: 9:14pm

Book Discussion: Book: The Element of Fire by Martha Wells