First Friday Fandom Minutes: April 7th, 2023

First Friday Minutes: 04-07-2023 In-Person and Online

Attending: Eli, Jack, Karen, Erin, Wes, Cyndi, Don, Dave, Lisa, Lovvern, Tim, Morland
Zoom: Richard K, Keith & Sheila, Kent, Rosa & Richard

Presiding: Jack – meeting called to order at 8:05pm

President’s Report: NTR

Vice President’s Report: Erin – Water Main Construction on Academy in April/May (Maizeland & Academy) might impact getting to our meeting place. Put link to Construction on website.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from last meeting have been posted. Want meeting minutes posted within a week – vice a month.

Social Media Secretary’s Report: New Zoom link coming by the end of the month.

Treasurer’s Report: We have money. Brought up using Bitwarden as password manager as a motion, passed by acclamation. Still sticking with Square. Looked at price for renting movie theaters – $200-$300 for 20 to 30 people. (Jack) Any restriction on the time of day? (Treasurer) Looking into it to figure out what rates are for each location. Taxes (for the last three years) have been filed. PAY YOUR DUES!!!! Brought up possible raising of dues (to $20) in Jan 1, 2024 as a motion, passed by acclamation.

Trustees Report: NTR

Book Committee: NTR

Photo Committee: NTR. Will be getting together this month to investigate photos and where they are.

Refreshments Committee: We are refreshed.

COSine 2024: There’s going to be a convention, no Guest of Honor picked yet. Exploration of tech stuff to prevent duplicate registration. Square isn’t refunding any more. Experimenting with a server that is being used to store tools for registration, etc. Discussed switching from Artist Guest of Honor to Highlighted/Featured Artist for COSine. Discussed having art for display, not for sale – doubling the price? Discussed encouraging artists, inclusion, etc., as long as there is space for it. Pre-meeting meetings for COSine are still ongoing.

Unfinished Business: Meeting will be on the 1st at 4pm at Karen’s house

New Business: Meeting (picnic) will be on the 1st at 4pm at Karen’s house. Club will provide meat and drinks, the rest is potluck. Will pass out sign-up sheet (or have one online) for what club members want to bring at the May meeting – or at least have a way to sign up. Normally broken down into desserts and sides.

Who controls the First Friday distro? (Eli) Suggested a Tech Committee for updating servers, etc. (Members would be Eli, Arlen, Ted.) President (Jack) declared the formation of the Tech Committee with Eli, Arlen and Ted.

Announcements: Artemis 2 crew has been selected (Lovvern). Space-X has announced that they want to fly Starship at the end of April. Exclusion zone is gigantic; will recover from Hawaii. (Lovvern) Universe Today reports that Orbit Mars and return in 1.3 days. (Wes) Virgin Galactic declared bankruptcy. (Karen) Met Steve Leininger who built the first TRS-80 computer! (Dave) Two eclipses coming this year. The annular is visible from Albuquerque. 2024 one is visible from the Northeast. (Lisa) If you’re going to ABQ, look for the Petroglyph National Monuments – it’s cool!

Next Meeting: May 5th at Karen’s

Next Book: Old Man’s War by John Scalzi

Adjourn: Meeting adjourned at 8:58pm

Book Discussion: The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison