First Friday Fandom Minutes: May 5th, 2023

First Friday Minutes: 05-05-2023 In-Person and Online

Attending: Arlen, Eli, Karen, Erin, Dave, Megan, Wes, Cyndi, Jack, Karen Lovvern, Tim
Zoom: Sheila, Kent, Richard K

Presiding: Jack – meeting called to order at 8:03pm

President’s Report: NTR

Vice President’s Report: Erin is downstairs goofing off and he put out food.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from last meeting have been posted.

Social Media Secretary’s Report: Karen got the message for the meeting out, etc.

Treasurer’s Report: We have money. Need to find out how much we owe Rosa…

Trustees Report: NTR

Book Committee: NTR

Photo Committee: Mem and Jack are planning to get together and go through photos.

Refreshments Committee: We are refreshed.

COSine 2024: Catharine Asaro is our Guest of Honor. Arlen ran down her accomplishments. Hotel contract is the same as last year. Talked about lighting, room reservations, etc. Discussed the move away from MailChimp to MailPoet. Plan is to have Artist GoH and Science GoH too.

Discussed ISP situation…group decided to maintain the arrangment where COSine maintains a separate ISP from FFF.

When do we need to start looking at COSine 2025? Probably Sep 23, but will at least start Exploratory Committee.

Unfinished Business: Sign-up sheet for July potluck meeting. Taxes have been paid (on file) – we have the receipt.

New Business: Formed an Exploratory Committee (Eli, Wes & Kent) on the policy on club reserves.

Announcements: Cyndi – Colorado Book Awards – SciFi/Fantasy and Thriller at various 4pm June 3rd at Rockrimmon Library (passed out flyer). Karen – Children’s Festival Downtown tomorrow. Erin – Launch at SpaceX. FAA, etc. (Discussion) Japanese Moon Lander didn’t make it (unexpected acceleration). Dune 2 Trailer is out…should we see the movie as a group? Arlen – New Zealand is awesome! Guardians of the Galaxy got an 81 rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Next Meeting: June 2nd at Karen’s

Next Book: The Cross-Time Engineer by Leo Frankowski

Adjourn: Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm

Book Discussion: Old Man’s War by John Scalzi