First Friday Fandom Minutes: June 2nd, 2023

FFF Meeting Minutes – 6/2/2023

Erin calls meeting to order at 8:03pm
(Jack is not present, so Erin is running meeting)

• Secretary Report – Morland is not here, Arlen is taking minutes
• Social media report – Sent out reminder in email about meeting. Zoom link is updated on Facebook at least through the July meeting, but may need to be updated after that.
• Treasurer is not here. Karen is reporting information from Eli. We have money. Numbers redacted. Re: account minimums, etc., Wes says he didn’t get an email from Eli, Kent got it but hasn’t responded yet.
• Book committee – We need to choose a book by Catherine Asaro. Mem has a copy of the Crosstime Engineer (July book), Karen has two at her house (one has been borrowed). They are available to be loaned out. The library has no copies. It is inexpensive on Kindle.
• Cat committee – Toby has visited the meeting and has to be corralled. Cat break
• Photo committee – Mem has found a bunch of photos and has brought to the meeting a “magic photo machine” – a frame that shows photos. Frame has been donated to club so that it can be, for example, put up at registration. It is in the kitchen, showing photos. Mem will attempt to put together a selection for the web site.
• Refreshment committee – Karen made chocolate muffins. They are said to be delicious. They have apple sauce in them!
• COSine 2024
o We have guests!
o We have flyers and posters
o Website is set up for registration
 Started entering pre-registrations from COSine 2023
o New email system is setup
o Status Report #1 is written, should go out this weekend
o Rose taking flyers to YA Con in Denver
o Contract is signed with hotel
o Will start putting together a list of all dealers/authors to contact for dealers room/authors’ row for Erin
o Arlen sucks for not showing up early for the COSine discussion
• Unfinished business
o Potluck signup (July 1st meeting 4-8pm) – some on paper, some on-line
• New business
o Movie night – discussion of GotG 3 or Dune 2. Discussion of day of the week: Thursdays are potentially good.
• Announcements
o SpaceX successfully launched this week, which means 200 launches, double the previous record.
o Axiom 2 mission took place to ISS
o Martha Wells has breast cancer, but it was caught really early, and prognosis is good.
o Tomorrow at Rockrimmon library, 3pm – reading of 3 Colorado Sci-Fi authors. Nathaniel White, LR Braden, Warren Hammond & Joshua Viola
o Person with severe schizophrenia (basically unresponsive) was brought back after 20 years by treating her lupus, which might revolutionize how certain mental disorders are treated.
o There was a supernova explosion in M101 galaxy, visible to amateur astronomers. 21 million lightyears away.
o Next meeting is on July 1sts, 4pm-8pm. There will be no formal COSine pre-meeting, but other items will be covered.

Meeting ends: 8:50pm