July 2013 Minutes

We met early (perhaps a bit too early) for the annual 4th of July picnic. There was a wide variety of food present. After satisfying our hunger, we discussed the future of COSine. Those present, as well as Mem, who sent us an email from Midwestcon, were in favor of resuming COSine for 2015. The hotel has undergone a change in franchise and management, but the facilities director is the same, and she has told us they would be pleased to have us back.

We called the formal meeting to order at 7:32pm.
Present were Terry, Sheila, Keith, Robin, Ted, Brendan, Joe, Jack, Robyn, Cary, Lura, Richard, and Rick.

Officer Reports
President: Joe had nothing to report. He said he took notes for the June meeting and will send them to me.

Vice: Richard left early, but there was plenty of vice around still.

Secretary: Robin has created a new version of the website, using WordPress. This will let other people administer the site, updated information, and comment on the books, minutes, or upcoming meetings as they choose. The site is still hosted in a test directory, with a link from the main website. We talked about adding the older minutes from when Elaine was secretary onto the new site, once we have consolidated everything.

Treasurer: Ted reports no substantial changes in our finances. Terry had a receipt for the food for the party.

Trustees: Nothing to report.

Book Committee: Mem suggested via her email that we consider a one-hit wonders theme for the books for 2014. Suggestions there included Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland (though that one is a two-hit wonder), Earth Abides, Emergence, Dr. Strange and Mr. Norrell, Dark Universe, Rite of Passage, Flowers for Algernon (tied with the movie version for December), Blind Voices. I’m sure there are others we could come up with as well. Daniel Keyes Moran, and Cloud Atlas were mentioned as well.

Photo Committee: Joe has a pile of 3 1/2 inch floppies with pictures from past conventions, as well as (very important!) a working drive! He needs to get the pics off the floppies and into some more useful format before they deteriorate. Keith has photos as well. We can create a gallery on the new site once we have some content for it.

Committee to Revise the Bylaws: No activity.

COSine 2015:
Terry will be Chair, and Robin will be Ottoman. We discussed some potential guests of honor.

Old and New Business
No old business that we haven’t talked about already.

New business – Terry has hair!

Upcoming conventions: None of us is planning on attending Bubonicon in Albuquerque this year. Worldcon will be in San Antonio over Labor Day weekend, as will Tacticon. Between those two, and Brendan going off to college that Sunday, we’ll all be busy. NDK (the animé con in Denver) will be in September.

Jack is rebuilding his PC. Connie Willis and Carrie Vaughn will be signing books at the Broadway Book Mall. The Rocky Mountain Book and Paper Fair will be in August.

Our past COSine guests S.M. Stirling and Charles Stross have new books coming out or under contract. Barnes & Noble is closing some stores, and is discontinuing the color Nook.

We adjourned the meeting at 8:28pm.

Book discussion on Space Merchants by Pohl and Kornbluth.

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