April 5, 2013 Minutes

We sat around chatting before finally calling the meeting to order at 8:36pm.
Present were Joe, Ted, Robin, Kent, Mary, Terry, Cary, Jack, Robyn, Jay, and Rick.

Officer Reports
President: Joe had nothing to report.

Vice: Mem made cake

Secretary: Robin updated the home page,but must fix a book for September and work on minutes. She wants to convert the site to a CMS based system for easier management.

Treasurer: Ted reported that there are 2 checks outstanding to Mem (bad Mem).
We have about $5000 or so. We paid our annual renewal to the state to stay official.

Trustees: Robyn is eligible and said she would render the $10 unto Caesar

COSine 2013 is closed out aside from one of the outstanding checks.

We formed a committee to gather photos from past COSines to post on the web. Jack and Joe form the basis of the committee, and should consult with Keith to get some of his photos.

Books: We talked about some suggestions for books. Shipbreaker, Connie, Kevin Anderson, no Dune, no zombies, Iain Banks – culture books, Resnick. December, The Hobbit? Although the movie is super long. Flowers for Algernon might be better. Speed of Dark, Limitless

Old Business
The Secretary of State paper done.

Conventions: Anomaly con, steampunk, some writing panels. Joe attended
Costume con, Terry and I will go

New business
Mem will cut the cake.
She plans to run a mythcon in 2015, very academic type of con, Mythopeic Society

Joe had new business,
Asked if we should lengthen the term of treasurer. We discussed it, and decided not to change things.

Carrie Vaughn has released a new book, with another coming at end of July
Roger Ebert died
Joe recommends the show Ripper Street

Meeting adjourned at 9:17pm.

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