February 2014 Minutes

First Friday Fandom  7th February 2014

Attending:  Richard Karsh, Joe Sokola, Robyn Montgomery, Terry Adams, Jack Heneghan, Richard Ayers, Kent Bloom, Mem Morman, Robin Monogue, Ted Monogue, Cary Quinn

Richard the president declared the meeting open at 8:10pm.  The highlight of his month so far is Terry’s Facebook post on her very positive test results.    Vice-president Joe reports that we have multiple lots of brownies in the vice department.  Treasurer Ted apologizes for not having a printed report this time.  In the last month we had $190 income from dues, $72 in expenses, and $691 is due for calendar year 2013 for our storage locker.  This goes to the Jordan’s if they show up.   $5916 balance before we pay the storage locker fees.   $625 of our money is earmarked for COSine 2015.  Secretary Mem says she is taking minutes and will post things on the website and update it this weekend.  There was a question about who won last month’s elections, and ex-secretary Robin reported that Jack, Robin, and Erin are trustees.  Terry is COSine Chair and Robin is the Ottoman.

Ted reported that the committee to repair the by-laws had no activity.  Pressure was put on Robin for the book committee to declare a book for the next month – Contact by Carl Sagan is the choice.  April will be Lud-in-the-Mists by Hope Mirrlees.  May will be Silverlock by John Myers Myers.

Our pseudo art show at Karen and Erin’s last month was fairly successful.  Lots of people came and the artists sold some things.

Terry says nothing happening with COSine and nothing needed at the moment.

Announcements:  Richard Bryant was going to sell his books before moving to Vegas for a new job, but his hire date was changed, so he left earlier than planned.  Mem thought that two new people were coming through Meetup, but they haven’t showed up.  Joe started reading a story on the ApexMagazine.com  website called “A Matter of Shape Space” and says it reminds him of Wil McCarthy’s programmable matter.  Kent wants us to examine books and stories published in 1938 and nominate for the retro Hugos.

Meeting adjourned at 8:43pm.

Our book for tonight is Dancer of the Sixth by Michelle Shirey Crean.  No one has read it.  Mem suggested that we recycle this for a later time.  Robin will order copies and put it back onto the list.

Jack says he just finished the latest Dresden book, Cold Days.  Finds him very active for a dead guy.  Robyn mentioned that new poems have been found by Sappho.

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