2th May 2014 Minutes

Attending:  Richard Karsh, Robert Lisak, Samantha Lisak, Rosemary Lisak, Kent Bloom, Mem Morman, Terry Adams,  Joe Sokola, Jack Heneghan, Rick Ayers, Robin Monogue, Ted Monogue, Brendan Monogue, James Yakura the younger, Cary Quinn,

Richard the president called the meeting to order at 8:15pm. He is not a Hugo finalist this year.   Vice-president Joe reports that for vice we have chocolate chip something, cream puffs, soda, and pizza.  Treasurer Ted says that he will do quarterly detailed reports unless there is something major.  We have $5917.41 at the moment.   About $1300 is set aside for COSine.  Secretary Mem says she posted the March minutes, and Robin took April minutes but has not posted them.  Robin reported for the Trustees that we have no new members and no one eligible to be a new member.


Robin for the book committee reported the following schedule:

Silverlock by John Myers Myers for May

Halfway Human by Carolyn Gilman for June

Dancer of the Sixth by Michelle Shirey Crean for July (on the fourth with a BBQ)

Replay by Ken Grimwood in August

The Dragon Waiting by John M. Ford in September

City of Diamond by Jane Emerson in October

book and movie for Planet of the Apes by Pierre Boulle in November

and in December (second Friday) we will do the Hugo winning novel

and January will be a Nathan Lowell book.

Mem reported that the committee to repair the by-laws had no activity.

Terry said that she would like to address the COSine budget.  Terry would like to go through the Con Committee.  Terry and Robin are co-chairs.  Karen is doing the art show.  Kent is doing dealers.  Jack is not sure what he is doing.  Arwen is doing con suite.  Keith and Joe are doing at program ops.  Connor is doing gaming. Robin is doing programming and the program book.  Samantha will do content at Robin’s direction.  Mem is doing pre-reg and GOH.  At con reg is Ted.   We still need a science guest.  Cary has a suggestion and we might also look at the Mars guy from Boulder – we can check on this with Paul from DASFA.  Mem will try to take that on.  Robin is working on the website but it is not live yet.

Old Business:  We discussed that we have a bid for SMOFcon December 2015.  It will be voted on in LA in December 2014.  The club will provide the meat dishes for our July BBQ and whoever buys it will expense it.  Okay.  People should bring a dish to share – side dish or dessert.  Come as early as 2 or so and food will serve at 6ish.

New Business:  Joe wants to know if we have a list of all officers.  Mem says no.  We have some, but not a comprehensive list.

Announcements:   Joe has Grand Masters Choice which is a reprint of a book published NESFA.  It is signed by Jack Williamson, Andre Norton, Clarke, and others.  Pretty close to finding a Renoir at a garage sale. Terry announces that she has hair.

Meeting adjourned as 8:50pm.

Our book for tonight is Silverlock by John Myers Myers.   We were unable to find any of the music from Silverlock performed on YouTube.  Amazing. “Did anyone like Silverlock?”  “Actually, no.”  We moved into a discussion of Cinncinnatus, Lucius Sullus, and the Punic Wars.  We need a Heinlein reference for this book.  Richard says that “Silverlock is indeed a Stranger in a (very) Strange Land.”  Robin thinks Silverlock is like “American Pie” where no one really knows all the references, and no one agrees.  The real question is whether Don McLean has ever read Silverlock?  Cary wonders if this is actually a reference work or is it Myers’ reading list.  As we discussed the book we looked up the dates of various bits on the internet, and had a hard time imagining reading Silverlock in an era before Google.  Generally we felt that the “story” was un-cohesive – just stitched together from bits and pieces of other stories.  Mem thought that there was some resemblance to the Star Trek Next Generation episode “Darmak” where Picard tries to communicate with a culture that speaks only in literary references.

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