Minutes for 5th September 2014

Attending:  Richard Karsh, Kent Bloom, Mem Morman, Terry Adams, Abigail Smucker, Joe Sokola, Jack Heneghan, Brendan, Robin, and Ted Monogue, James Yakura the younger, Robyn Montgomery, Cary Quinn, Shane, Art

Richard the president called the meeting to order at 8:16pm.  He will miss next month as he will be in Vail for Yom Kippur.   Vice-president Joe reports that for vice we have brownies.  Treasurer Ted says we got 23 cents of interest and no expenditures.  Two COSine memberships and a dealers table.  Secretary Mem says she posted the July minutes. Jack reported for the Trustees “Nothing”.


Ted says we have a table for COSine.  We need to use Kyle’s rocket and the official table cover from the storage locker.  Robin says she is creating a list of participants for programming.  Ted checked on the email address bounces for the website.  Joe asked about the raffle – we need to ask our authors to donate books.  Ted was instructed to create advertising rates with a 20% fan discount.  Robin wants to collect boxes for the Angry Birds game.  Members are encouraged to buy their memberships – $35 rate for club members.  Karen says we are having an art show.

Storage Unit

We need to have someone else rent a new unit with the 10% discount and move all the stuff.


Need to design flyers and have a website ready to go up if we win our bid.

Book List:

The book committee reported the following schedule:

City of Diamond by Jane Emerson in October

book and movie for Planet of the Apes by Pierre Boulle in November

and in December (second Friday) we will do the Hugo winning novel – Ancillary Justice

and January will be a Nathan Lowell book.

Theme for next year’s books is anthologies – SF book club anthologies, Thieves World, Wild Cards I.

Committee to Repair the Bylaws

Mem reported that the committee to repair the by-laws had no activity.

Photo Committee

Robin has gone through and is trying to do an autoplay slide show.

Old Business:  None

New Business:  Mem moves that Mythcon finances be run through the First Friday Fandom account.  Robin seconds.  Motion passed.

Announcements:   Peri says that he is having financial problems and is doing online sales.  Jack will be gone to DC next month for his mother’s birthday and Capclave.   Joe went to Tattered Cover for a John Scalzi presentation on his new book – Lock In.  Kent, Mem, and Jack went to Worldcon in London.  Kansas City won the Worldcon for 2016.

Meeting adjourned as 9:11pm.

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