Minutes: 3rd October 2014

Attending:  Cary Quinn, Kent Bloom, Mem Morman, Terry Adams, Joe Sokola, Robin and Ted Monogue, James Yakura the younger, James Yakura the elder, Ben Yakura, Lisabeth, Robyn Montgomery, Erin and Karen Jordan

Joe the vice-president called the meeting to order at 8:23pm.  Vice-president Joe reports that for vice we have frozen chocolate bananas. Secretary Mem says she posted the August and September minutes.   Treasurer Ted submitted a full financial statement.  Our gross funds are $5837.93 and our net funds are $4797.93.  Robin reported for the Trustees “Nothing”.


Terry would like people who have not bought memberships to get their memberships.  We need to find Kyle’s rocket and the official table cover from the storage locker.  Karen says everything is in order for the art show.  Robin told her there is a place for info or forms on the website.  Link is live for making hotel reservations.  A COSine committee meeting is planned for Tuesday the 7 October at 6pm at Mem and Kent’s house.  Ted has a confirmed fan table at MileHiCon.  Ted plans to arrive by 6pm on Friday.  Terry will ask Kent to get GOOD candy for the treasure box.

Storage Unit Committee

Ted says research on storage units and prices shows we can’t get a better rate for a comparable site in the north end.  He did find a place at Platte and Powers for $49 but he needs to go and inspect the site. Ted will investigate making the move and we can rent a truck and move both FFF and WHO.  Jack has given Ted three large boxes that need to go into the new unit.  We are month to month at the current place.  Kent suggested giving notice and making the move the first part of November.  Kent and Ted will look at the new place tomorrow.

SMOFcon Committee

Need to design flyers and have a website ready to go up if we win our bid.  Mem and Kent and Ted and Robin will meet to set up the website in early November.

Book Committee:

The book committee reported the following schedule:

City of Diamond by Jane Emerson in October

book and movie for Planet of the Apes by Pierre Boulle in November

and in December (second Friday) we will do the Hugo winning novel – Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie

and January will be Ravenwood by Nathan Lowell book.

Theme for next year’s books is anthologies – SF book club anthologies, Thieves World, Wild Cards I.

We will redo the committee next month.

Committee to Repair the Bylaws:

Mem reported that the committee to repair the by-laws had no activity.

Photo Committee

Joe has nothing to report and Jack is not at the meeting.

Old Business:  We had a bit of a digression on the idea of translation of both novels and manga/anime.  This moved to a discussion of the old TV series Cliffhangers.  Lisabeth fed treats to Sappho.

New Business:  none

Announcements:   Cary says the there is a new tech branch of the Pikes Peak Library – gaming library, 3D scanner, internet, computers.  It’s in the old MCI building at Chapel Hills.  Books in the basement and comfy chairs and big windows upstairs.  Don Pelton is on the way back to Colorado.  Tomatoes.  Japan American Society is having a bizarre bazaar tomorrow at UCCS.  Pikes Peak Computer Applications Society (Cary) also meets tomorrow.

Meeting adjourned as 9:20pm.

Book Discussion

City of Diamond by Jane Emerson

Kent says it’s a space opera but he doesn’t want his time back from reading the novel.  He felt there was, perhaps, a little too much melodrama.  Ted passed out frozen, chocolate-dipped banana slices.  Robin felt that the book pushed the limits of credibility in some places.  Lisabeth like the differences between the characters, some of whom were very well written.  She felt that they offered different elements to the plot.

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