Minutes: January 2, 2015

Notes taken by Robin Monogue.

Attending: Richard Karsh, Joe Sokola, Kent Bloom, Jack Heneghan, Cary Quinn, Robin Monogue, Ted Monogue, Terry Adams, and Tim Fyock.

Meeting called to order at 8:23 pm by President Richard Karsh.

Officer’s Reports:
President: nothing to report
Vice President: Joe told us that the vice consisted of leftovers from the New Year’s party
Secretary: Absent
Treasurer: Handed out the quarterly report, and discussed finances. Ted broke out the amount of obligated funds that would be returned to COSine members if the convention were cancelled for some reason. We applied for a city sales tax license to cover art show sales for the convention. We also received a new EIN number for First Friday from the IRS, and it has been linked to our bank accounts.

Trustees: It is election and dues-paying month for First Friday. The trustees proposed a slate of officers for 2015, which was approved by acclamation of the members after dues were collected.

The new slate is:
President: Robin Monogue
Vice President: Richard Karsh
Treasurer: Ted Monogue
Secretary: Mary Morman
Trustees: Joe Sokola, Kent Bloom, and Jack Heneghan

Photos: No action
Repair the Bylaws: No action
Books: Books were selected last month, but Robin does not have a record of them. We need to get that posted on the website.
COSine: Boxes were collected and given to Jack for painting. We will have a meeting Tuesday night to hash out programming. We have sold about 100 memberships so far. Dealer’s Room and Art Show are both sold out. The movie schedule will be announced at the convention. Movies will be shown in Main Programming in the evenings.

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