Minutes for 5 June 2015

First Friday Fandom
5 June 2015

Attending: Kent Bloom, Mem Morman, Terry Adams, Don Pelton, Rosa Brassart, Richard Karsh, Rick Ayers, Erin and Karen Jordan, Jack Heneghan, Joe Sokola, Ted Monogue, Jack Heneghan, Robin Clune.

Richard the vice-president called the meeting to order at 8:25pm. Richard says we have cookies and brownies and chocolate for vice. Secretary Mem says she did not take May minutes but Robin did and will place on the web. Ted read those minutes. Treasurer Ted submitted says our gross funds are $9241 and our COSine funds for 2016 are about $2000. ($850 is for Mythcon not included). Jack reported for the Trustees “Nothing to report.”

Book Committee:
The book committee reported the following schedule:
Sword and Sorceress by MZB is the book for tonight.
In the Company of Sherlock Holmes is our book for July.

Theme for this year’s books is anthologies.

Photo Committee
Joe and Jack had a meeting and Joe learned about DropBox. Now Joe is going to do something. Maybe. If he has time. Kinda sorta.

Committee to Repair the Bylaws:
Ted reported that the committee to repair the by-laws had a meeting. There will be a more complete report of our activities at a future date.

Storage Unit Committee
We owe money to the Worldcon Heritage Organization for space in their storage unit. We owe two months at this point and Ted will pay Kent.

COSine 2016
Jim Butcher is going to be our GOH. Mem spoke to him at Eastercon. Still looking for a science guest. Hotel wants us to fill out a credit report so they can bill us but we just give them money instead. Eric Schwartz is going to be the guest liaison. Ted asked if we have a contract and Mem said yes.

Old Business: We need to get a number for the July picnic. Everyone but Robin C. is coming and there will be more Monogues. Monogues will bring bread and salad. Jack will bring cobbler and Elaine. Richard will bring pot for luck and a watermelon. Rick will bring something. Kent will bring potato salad. Karen will bring deviled eggs. Don will bring something. Robyn Montgomery will bring baked beans.

New Business: Mem suggested that perhaps someone else may want to host some of the First Friday meetings. Rick said he might hold some. January meeting is usually at the hotel and November meeting is at Jordans. Jack said we might go out to Monument.

Announcements: Rosa says she does not think Kent is a pooh-head. Erin says that Windows 10 is coming out and that the testers like it better than 8. Cethy says that Tangent is coming up tomorrow – art show at her school from 2 to 6pm. Karen read us a list of artists. Robin and Fred are here on their way to Mongolia. Mem and Kent will have an open house for them this Sunday starting at noonish. There are no reindeer in Nepal. Joe says there is a Robert Heinlein story in the Spring 2015 issue of ZoetropAllStory. Thank you for that Heinlein reference, Joe.

Meeting adjourned as 9:12pm.

Book Discussion
Sword and Sorceress
These are not Darkover stories. There’s a Valdemar story by Misty Lackey. This was definitely intended to be about strong, female protagonists. Fewer stories of rape and revenge than Ted expected. Rick liked the ones by Emma Bulla and Charles Saunders. Published in 1984. They are now up to submitting stories for S&S 2016. Rick thought that it was entertaining to read all the notes for the authors and many of them were real newcomers – and now many of them are well known.

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