Minutes for 3 July 2015

First Friday Fandom
3rd July 2015

Attending: Kent Bloom, Mem Morman, Terry Adams, Don Pelton, Rick Ayers, Erin and Karen Jordan, Jack Heneghan, Joe Sokola, Ted Monogue, Jack Heneghan, Robyn Montgomery, Robin Monogue, Connor, Monogue, Brendan, Monogue, Cary Quinn, Richard Karsh.

Robin the president called the meeting to order at 7:46pm. President has nothing to report except that we had our party and comestibles were ingested. Also there was ale. VP arrived late. Secretary Mem says she has June minutes but has not put them on the web yet. People waived at the minutes. Treasurer Ted submitted says our gross funds are $9135.79 and our COSine funds for 2016 are about $2000. ($850 is for Mythcon not included and we have a $5000 deposit from the Mythopoeic Society to deposit.) We also have $150 in VISA gift cards that we need to spend for the betterment of the club. No outstanding checks. Jack and Joe reported for the Trustees “Nothing to report.”

Book Committee:
The book committee reported the following schedule:
In the Company of Sherlock Holmes is the book for tonight.
Dangerous Women 1 is our book for August.
Years Best SF for 1967 is our book for September.
Hugo winner for best novel is our book for October.
November will be our book and movie night at the Jordans.
January/February 2016 F&SF magazine is what we read for December. Mem will write to get copies.

Theme for this year’s books is anthologies.

Photo Committee
Joe says no activity.

Committee to Repair the Bylaws:
Ted says no activity.

Storage Unit Committee
We owe money to the Worldcon Heritage Organization for space in their storage unit. We owe two months at this point and Ted will pay Kent. Kent says that he will print out some invoices. The president says that we need to inventory and organize the F3 things in the unit. Discussion was that we would do it the second weekend in August.

COSine 2016
Jim Butcher is going to be our GOH. Eric Schwartz is going to be the guest liaison. Mem has signed the contract. The Breckenridge may be replaced by the Pike’s Peak. Robin Monogue will do programming.

Old Business: Moving forward we need to discuss other sites for some F3 meetings. Robin suggests that we go as a group to see Star Wars the week before Christmas or after the first of the year. Joe suggested that we see The Martian. It is expected out in October.

New Business: None.

Announcements: August 7th is Mem’s birthday. Everyone should come to the First Friday meeting and bring tribute. Mythcon is the 31st of July through 3rd August at the Elegante.

Meeting adjourned as 8:18pm.

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