Minutes for April 1, 2016

Called to Order: 8:19 PM
Presiding: Ted Monogue

Attending: Jack Heneghan, Mary Morman, Cary Quinn, Richard Karsch, Don Pelton, Terry Adams, Robin Monogue, Erin Jordan, Karen Jordan, Joe Sokola, Kent Bloom, Robyn Montgomery, Ray Hutton, Rick Ayers, Ted Monogue

President’s Report: Nothing to report – No trip to Bora Bora. State paperwork filed.

Vice President’s Report : Vice is here -Whoopee all around.

Secretary Report: nothing to report – no notes from last month. Ted will post his notes.

Treasurer Report: xxxxx

Book Committee: Books set for rest of year – Jo Walton book TBD
Lucifer’s Hammer for next Month

Committee to amend bylaws: nothing to report

Insurance committee: – Nothing to report

Refreshment committee: – Whoopie Pies – Refreshment Committee just needs to arrange refreshments, not actually provide them.

Photo Committee: – nothing to report

COSine 2017:– Nothing to report. Looked at hotels on the web. Doubletree doing major renovation. Art show sold out. Programming -Cary- is putting together preliminary track. Talk to Cary with programming ideas.

Old Business: Nothing

New Business:
Fourth of July is on a Monday – Motion to hold First Friday in July – July 1st – On July Fourth to coincide with Picnic. We have never had a first Friday Meeting on a non-Friday, so we are disrupting the Space-Time Continuum. Passed with solid majority. 2 Neighs

The Pills have arrived.

Deadpool is good but not for children.
Zootopia is good.
DC Movies are in their own universe.
Hugo nominations are closed.

Adjourned at 8:48 pm

add Enchantment to 2017 book list –

Witches of Karres is the book under discussion.
Powerful creatures neutralized by witches.
Requisite Heinlein revference – Glory Road
Campbell psionics can overcome all enemies.
Witches start with no personality.
Timey Wimey
Written too much in-joke. Too many new words to describe things once and never again.
Lost to Moon is a Harsh Mistress. (Another Heinlein reference)