January 5, 2018 meeting

Please note our meeting this month will be at a different location than usual.

Don’t forget our FFF Movie Trip to go see The Last Jedi on Tuesday, January 2nd at the Cinemark Carefree Circle theater at 6 pm

It’s January, which means in preparation for COSine we will be meeting at the Hotel Elegante, at our usual time of 8 pm. See the map below for directions and details.

Our book will be a selection from our COSine Guest of Honor, Jody Lynn Nye. We will be discussing Taylor’s Ark (Book 1) about a an epidemic that is spreading from space colony to colony. Dr. Shona Taylor, with her team of four-legged assistants sets out to find a way to stem the killer disease.

We will be meeting at the Hotel Elegante, our Con hotel, at 8 PM. We will be in the Telluride room. That’s the room we use for gaming/readings, on the 3rd floor of the tower where we have our Con space. Take the elevators directly across from the lobby enterance, go up to the third floor, and turn right. It’s at the end of the hall there. A map and directions can be found at the Elegante website