May 6, 2016 Minutes

5/6/16 FFF Minutes

Meeting Called to Order: 8:10 PM

Presiding: Ted Monogue

Attending: Ted, Richard, Jack, MEM, Kent,Don, Carey, Rick, Joe, Terry, Robin, Ray Hutton, Elias Roa.

President’s Report: Ted – NTR

Vice President’s Report: Richard: NTR -Fort MacMurray has been evacuated

Secretary’s Report: Jack – Minutes on Facebook Page

Treasurer’s Report: MEM – $13K in Credit Union – Mythcon is still in the mix.

Trustee’s Report: Joe, Don, Carey, two possible new members

Committee Reports:

Committee to Amend the Bylaws: NTR

Book Committee: Mem – NTR – Up to date – June book is Harpist in the Wind

Insurance Committee: Kent – NTR

Refreshment Committee: Robin – Pumpkin Poodle Pie and fresh whipped cream:
4th of July party will need side dishes. Club provides main dishes.

Photo Committee: Joe/Jack – NTR

COSine 2017: Kent – NTR – Rates were updated – Hotel still not firm. GOH travel plans still fluid. Need Press Release for June

Old Business: July 4th First Friday Meeting is on Monday July 4th. Starting at 2PM.

New Business: MEM – borrow one of club projectors for SCA event. Approved.
Weavers guild borrowing badge laminator.

Announcements: CA – Civil War – Carey liked it. Long with flow.
Space X spiked the landing last night.
Recommend Chrome for Flash – VLC for everything else.
MEM – party Aug 27 – 25 years in COS.
May 18th – Connor Graduates from HS
Eli – Oculus Rift Vive worth it.
James is Bald
Are we having a Tangent Art Show?

Adjourned: 8:46 PM

Book Discussion: Lucifer’s Hammer

Post apocalyptic defending technology? Alas babylon, Canticle for Liebowitz, Many others earlier.

Description of comet very good.

Net has simulations of asteroid impacts.
Everyone ends up in Jellison’s ranch

Heinlein Reference – Farnham’s Freehold
Heinlein mentioned in the story directly.

Can we store textbooks today to survive the Apocalypse?

Holds up with time.

EAPoe – The conversation between Eiros and Charmion 1839

Those who prepped and those who didn’t have much difference. Location more important.