August 5, 2016 Minutes

8/5/2016 FFF Minutes Meeting Called to Order: 8:24 PM Presiding: Ted Monogue Attending: Eli, Robin, Mem, Don, Ted, Rick, Richard, Kent, Jack, Lisa Peoples, Cary, Erin, Karen, Joe President’s Report: Ted M. – Nothing to report Vice President’s Report: Richard – Lotsa of Vice Secretary’s Report: Jack – Minutes Published on Facebook Treasurer’s Report: Mem – Mythcon accounting is completed. We will send a check for $19 to the society. Most of the Treasury has been put into a .1% savings account. We have enough for GOH expenses Trustee’s Report: – No New Members – Nothing to Report – What about Lisa? Committee Reports: Committee to Amend the Bylaws: Reporting in September Book Committee: On website – Postman for September Insurance Committee: Nothing to report Refreshment Committee: It was Cary not Terry for this month, but Cary will take it for September Photo Committee: Nothing to Report COSine 2017: Creeping along – Notice sent to Analog – Some updating on website – Need hotel link – Hotel rates up a couple of dollars over last year. – GOH travel plans are arranged – Need to plan for MileHiCon in October – Get your MHC hotel rooms now – Art Show sold out as of end of COSine 2016. Old Business: No Old Business New Business: Need to reimburse WHO for Storage. – $25 a month. Passed unopposed- Sense of meeting to get new Square reader with chip reader – $50 – Passed unopposed – Ted will Order. Amended to add second NFC Square reader for Art Show. So passed. Announcements: Don has Moved Eli – don’t waste money on Suicide Squad Terry has moved into assisted living in South COS Joe went to Pulp Fest earlier in Columbus, RM Book and Paper Fair today, and Worldcon next fortnight. The Moon occults Jupiter tonight Starwalker a serial about something not getting lost in independent publishing. Tarzan – any good reviews? Ghost Busters was good – it had girls in it. The new Star Trek is supposed to be good. Club may go Doctor Strange looks interesting. Marvel TV on Netflix is going well. Suicide Squad reshot to make it more Deadpoolish? Adjourned: 9:03 PM via time travel Book Discussion: Some people read the book. Emergence by David Palmer Mem reading Robert Sawyer – with hominids! Emergence is post-apocalyptic. Being reissued next year? Heinleinesque- Mem did not care for 2008 sequel. Didn’t connect well with first book. It does feel somewhat dated, with some anachronisms. Technology is 1980’s. You really don’t want to live in a post-apocalyptic world.