November 4, 2016 Minutes

11/04/16 FFF Minutes

Meeting Called to Order: 6:52 PM

Presiding: Ted Monogue

Attending: Ted, Terry, Mem, Kent, Rick, Rosa, Cary, Eli, Richard, Robyn, Robin, Karen, Erin,

President’s Report: NTR

Vice President’s Report: Lots of Vice

Secretary’s Report: Minutes posted

Treasurer’s Report: NTR

Trustee’s Report: Some potential new members,

Committee Reports:

Committee to Amend the Bylaws: NTR

Book Committee: NTR

Insurance Committee: NTR

Refreshment Committee: Pizza! Cider!

Photo Committee: NTR

COSine 2017: 3 memberships at MHC, lots of programming ideas, 2 P M Meeting Saturday for
GOH Travel plans not firmed up, Prereg numbers low, Need to email PR to former members. Membership rates will stay at $40 until at the door – $45 then. Web page updated, please review and let Kent know what needs to be fixed. Make your hotel reservations. Kim Klimek is doing bios.

COSine 2018: Looking at alternate hotels.

Old Business: Storage rates still being worked

New Business: 1st Friday in December on December 9th. Everyone should bring cookies to share or swap.

Announcements: Dr Strange is very good – Cary. Character driven.

Adjourned: 7:10 PM

Movie Time: Time bandits