December 9, 2016 Minutes

12/9/2016 FFF Minutes

Meeting Called to Order: 8.09 PM on the second first Friday of the month

Presiding: Ted Monogue

Attending: Eli, Mem, Kent, Don, Richard, Rick, Jack, Robin, Ted, Julie*, Daniel*, Cary, Ray

President’s Report: NTR

Vice President’s Report: Some Vice available

Secretary’s Report: Posted to Facebook, I Think

Treasurer’s Report: We have some money – $12k – Money approved for next years books. Need COSine Flyer bill.

Trustee’s Report: NTR – They need to come up with 2017 officer slate

Committee Reports:

Committee to Amend the Bylaws: Planning on meeting to plan to meet.

Book Committee: BC has developed list for 2017 – Books posted on bookshelf. Books will be posted to web site.

Insurance Committee: Insurance for COSine. Certificates available.

Refreshment Committee: Cream Puffs – sugar cookies.

Photo Committee: NTR

COSine 2017: Things to pass out – tentative budget – discussed

Registration Report – surge since November meeting – distribute after meeting ~120 signed up
Programming – Met and came up with list of ideas. Need to mail out emails to participants.
Publications – Kim is working on write-ups
Hotel is ready. Need reservations to be made. $81 S/D
Con Suite is proceeding
Dealer’s Room has had some inquiries
Art Show is sold out
Evening Activities in Masquerade

COSine 2018: Great Wolf Lodge not for us. GOH search continues.

Old Business: Still working on storage rates

New Business: Meeting January 6 – MEM Retires – We will try to meet at the hotel- Elegante. Details to follow.

Upcoming movies to see- Rogue One – The Arrival – Passengers – A Monster Calls. – We are going to see Arrival at Chapel Hills 7:30 pm Wednesday – Be there and club will buy your ticket

Rogue One – Wednesday Evening – December 28 Details TBD – Club buys tickets.

Announcements: None-

Adjourned: 8:52

Book Discussion: The Seventh Son