January 6, 2017 Minutes

January 6, 2017 FFF Minutes

Meeting Called to Order: At the Elegante Hotel, ~8:15 PM

Presiding: Ted Monogue

Attending: Lots of People

President’s Report: Nothing to Report

Vice President’s Report: Some vice was available

Secretary’s Report: Updated minutes to report Joe Sokola was at the last meeting. Notes are being taken on scraps of hotel memo pads.

Treasurer’s Report: We have money

Trustee’s Report: Elections are to be held:

President: Eli Roa
Vice President: Cary Quinn
Secretary: Jack Heneghan
Treasurer: Mary Morman
Trustees: Kent Bloom, Karen Jordan, Robin Monogue

All offices elected by acclamation

Committee Reports:

Committee to Amend the Bylaws: NTR

Book Committee: Cinnabar is received. Next year’s books are for authors writing out of genre. Please return all of last years books to the library so they can go into the raffle pile.

Insurance Committee: NTR

Refreshment Committee: There is some cake-like things on the table.

Photo Committee: NTR

COSine 2017: Much discussion on COSine planning. One item of note was to only allow service animals in Con Suite and possibly other function spaces. The Elegante is a pet-friendly hotel.

COSine 2018: Ted is chair. We have a guest of honor.

Old Business: No Old Business

New Business: We need to select a Chair for COSine 2019 at the July meeting (July 7, 2017). If we don’t have a Chair then, we should put COSine on hold. If anyone is interested in being the chair for 2019, think about it, talk to others, check your sanity, and put your name forward.

Announcements: There is a convention in 3 weeks.

Adjourned: ~9:15 PM

Book Discussion: My Real Children by Jo Walton

A book on alternate timelines and paths taken, it has something to do with quantum entanglements. Schrodinger’s cat was discussed at length.

She is going to burn herself out to light the way for others.

An emotional Roller Coaster.