May 5, 2017 Minutes

5/5/2017 FFF Minutes

Meeting Called to Order: 20:15

Presiding: Eli

Attending: Rick, Mem, Eli, Cary, Joe, Don, Robyn, Kent, Cary, Lisa,Ted, Robin, Cynthia Felice

President’s Report: President made it today

Vice President’s Report: Vice is here

Secretary’s Report: Correction: put comma between Joe’s and Lisa’s names

Treasurer’s Report: We got money, nothing outstanding

Trustee’s Report: NTR

Committee Reports:

Committee to Amend the Bylaws: NTR – somewhere in Kent’s office

Book Committee:
June book is Cinnabar. Next year is pending

Insurance Committee: NTR

Refreshment Committee: Refreshments available, Chocolate. Cake,

Photo Committee: Photo machine broke, shouting at it fixes it.

COSine 2018:

    Author’s reception needs work to meet catering goals,
    Maybe breakfast tickets, Need to work on drink tickets and catering, maybe artists reception Friday Night?
    Catering to con suite?
    Ted visiting hotel in May 22, 23rd – Mem is retired –
    Richard has bio-medical science guest of honor idea – roundly accepted
    Web page needs updating

Old Business: Richard is interested in chairing COSine 2019 if club is continuing

New Business: Richard will look at hosting the August meeting. 4th of July party will be on Friday July 7th (1st Friday) About 4 PM start. Eat at 6 PM. June meeting will have signup sheets.


    Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 better than the first.
    New streaming channel for some classic SF series – Go 90?
    Space X delivered classified satellite and return rocket safely
    GotG Vol 1 on FX

Adjourned: 20:57