June 2, 2017 Minutes

06/02/2017 FFF Minutes

Meeting Called to Order: 20:00

Presiding: Eli

Attending: Cynthia Felice, Mem, Kent, Lisa, Robyn, Eli, Ray, Cary, Robin, Rick, Ted, Joe

President’s Report: NTR

Vice President’s Report: Vice is available

Secretary’s Report: Minutes amended on Facebook

Treasurer’s Report: About the same as last time

Trustee’s Report: NTR

Committee Reports:

Committee to Amend the Bylaws: We know where they are

Book Committee: Not met yet. Sept/Oct time-frame for 2018

Insurance Committee: NTR

Refreshment Committee: We have refreshments

Photo Committee: NTR

COSine 2018:

    Haven’t finalized with hotel. Looking at catering/facility costs
    Authors Reception still on with bar
    Web Site has been updated
    Still need Nye bio
    Committee review

Chair: Ted
Ottoman: Mem
Understudy: Richard
Dealers: Jack
Art Show: Karen
Programing: Mem
Con Suite: Sheila? need to confirm
Video: Cary
Gaming: Connor
Eli: At Con Registration
Publication/Web: Robin
At Con Programming Ops: Joe, Robin
Pre-con Registration: Ted
Guest Liaison: Richard

    Suggestions needed for Saturday Night Programming
    Game show
    Computer Game – Artemis
    Mile-high Con Fan Table – TBD

Old Business:

    July Picnic sign-up sheet being passed around

New Business:

No New Business


    July meeting will move basement furniture
    Lisa is moving here. Furniture arriving June 25. Will need hands to help remove from truck.
    Wonder Woman is pretty good.
    The latest Pirate Movie is the worst
    Brendan Graduating from College. Going for PhD in Microbiology?
    SpaceX launch delayed until tomorrow – Reusable stage attempt.
    Dr Strange on Netflix – Streaming in 4K

Adjourned: 20:34

Book Discussion: Cinnabar by Ed Bryant

    Dissatisfying read
    Collection of short stories about city outside of space and time
    Cynthia wearing Hawaiian shirt in honor of Ed.