July 7, 2017 Minutes

First Friday Fandom Meeting – July 7, 2017

Meeting Called to order: 19:13

Attending: Mem, Kent, Eli, Lisa, Cynthia, Tim, Steve, Robin, Ted, Brendan, Cary, Rick, Dan, Joe, Robyn, Jack, and many others. Richard showed up after the meeting.

Presiding: Eli

President’s Report: Nothing

VP report: Goodies Galore

Secretary: Minutes were posted to Facebook

Treasurer: Nothing to report

Book Committee: NTR

Committee to find the bylaws: NTR

Refreshment Committee: Lots of food available

Photo: NTR

Cosine 2018:

    Nina and Ron accepted as Fan GoH
    Sheila McClune will run consuite
    Ted is meeting hotel noon Thursday to finalize 2018 contract

Unfinished Business:

    Question: Will club run a convention in 2019?
    Unanimous decision: Yea
    The club WILL run COSine 2019 with Richard Karsh as Chair

Trustees Report:

    Three new members were inducted into the club. All have met the requirement of attending three meetings:
    Cynthia Felice
    Steve Zander
    Tim Fyock

Next Meeting:

    Will NOT be at Kent and Mem abode
    Meeting WILL be at Richard Karsh’s. Directions will be posted on the FFF web site, as well as FB and email.

Meeting Adjourned: 19:34 – Minutes transcribed from napkin. Please correct as needed.