October 6, 2017

First Friday Fandom Meeting – October 6, 2017

Meeting Called to order: 20:03

Attending: Cary, Jay, Benjamin, Lisa, Joe, Mem, Kent, Robyn, Richard, Don, Karen, Erin, Morland, Jack

Presiding: Cary

President’s Report: Nothing to Report

VP report: Vice is available.

Secretary: Minutes posted on Facebook

Treasurer: We have money in the bank and in Paypal, enough to hold a COSine.

Book Committee: 2018 theme still under review. Possibly Humor in SFF. Send Suggestions to Mem.

Committee to amend the bylaws: Committee met last month and red-lined a copy of the bylaws. Amended suggestions will be distributed at the November Meeting and voted/discussed at December Meeting.

Refreshment Committee: Two separate set of cookies out, Soft drinks available.

Insurance Committee: NTR

Photo Committee: NTR

Trustees Report: NTR

COSine 2018:

    Ted not here.
    We have contract and copy of said contract.
    Room reservation will be ready soon.
    Jody Lyn Nye arriving Thursday pre-con.
    Science guests coming down from Denver.
    Everything is on track.
    Table arranged for MileHiCon.
    Dealer inquiries have been made.
    Programming is organizing.

COSine 2019:

    Richard reports on GOH. Needs a Science GOH – suggestions welcome.

Old Business:

    Ted will organize Star Wars Movie night, week after Christmas.
    We are looking at also doing a Blade Runner Movie night.

New Business: No New Business


    Connie Willis book coming out. Xmas book.
    Terry in hospice – Parkmoor Village.
    Mary didn’t have knee replacement surgery – upgraded to heart surgery. May not be at MileHiCon

Next Meeting:

    Jordans – 6PM – Map on Website
    Colussus/Forbin Project
    Movie Night at 7pm
    Mem/Karen looking at Pizza Options. Let them know about any diet restrictions.
    Amazon Prime Streaming available

Meeting Adjourned:

Book Discussion: NineFox Gambit- Yoon Ha Lee-2016

    Summary: What the hell is going on?
    Characters have relationships?
    What is going on?
    Just because they call themselves human doesn’t mean they are homo sapiens.
    It’s all magic.