December 8, 2017 Minutes

First Friday Fandom Meeting – December 8, 2107

Meeting Called to order: 20:20

Attending: Eli, Cary, Rick Ayers, Rick, Joe, Karen, Erin, Jack, Don, Richard, Robin, Ted,

Presiding: Eli

President’s Report: NTR

VP report: Plenty of Vice

Secretary: Minutes posted on Facebook

Treasurer: Not Present – Sent Report – We have money – Cosine monies included

Book Committee: Reading list for 2018 -humor in Science Fiction – List will be posted to Facebook and Web Site. Much discussion of amended by-laws.

Committee to find the bylaws: Amendment to Bylaws submitted Details posted to Facebook
There was a marked-up copy of particulars distributed at the meeting. Enough members signed off on the amended by-laws. They will be posted and voted on at January Meeting.

Refreshment Committee: Lots available

Insurance Committee: NTR

Photo Committee: NTR

Trustees Report: Slate will be deferred until later in meeting

COSine 2018:

    Programming is in progress.
    We are paying for increased facility rental and reduced catering costs.
    Need feedback on authors reception catering options – Options reviewed.
    Art show layout expanding – shrink lounge area.
    Autograph bookplates in hand

COSine 2019: Still a go.

Trustees Continued:

    Eli – President
    Cary -Vice
    Mem – Treasurer
    Jack – Secretary
    Robin – Social Media Secretary
    Rick Ayers

Unfinished Business:

    Starwars Movie night for Tuesday -January 2 – @ 6 PM.
    Meet at Rockbottom after the show

New Business: no new business


    Erin – kitten is getting big
    MEM is out of the hospital and at home.
    Joe – Compuserve SF Forums to be deleted
    Net Neutrality vote Dec 14.

Next Meeting:

    8 PM – Hotel Elegante – January 5, 2018
    Jody Lynn Nye – Taylor’s Ark
    Elections to be held

Meeting Adjourned: 22:36

Book Discussion:

    Martians Abroad – Carrie Vaughn
    YA novel
    Set up for a 2nd novel?