January 5, 2018 Minutes

First Friday Fandom Meeting – January 5, 2018

Meeting Called to order: 20:15

Attending: Eli, Cary, Rick Ayers, Richard Karsh, Joe, Karen, Jack, Don, Richard Brassert, Robin, Ted, Ray Hutton,Mem, Kent, Lisa, Tim Filock, Morland

Presiding: Eli

President’s Report: NTR

VP report: Technically we have vice

Secretary: Minutes posted on Facebook. Minutes corrected year to 2017 instead of 2107

Treasurer: Dues are due. We have enough money to have a convention. We have paid hotel deposit. We are sitting pretty.

Election delayed until bylaws are amended.

Book Committee: Books are selected for 2018. Will be posted on web site.

Committee to find the bylaws:

    Amendments were reviewed, amended and accepted at the December meeting.
    Amendments were voted on this meeting, as amended, unanimous vote, and will be posted to the website.
    Committee is disbanded.

Refreshment Committee: Some brownies

Insurance Committee: COSine has insurance for the con.

Photo Committee: NTR

Trustees Report:

    Slate presented at December meeting was accepted by acclimation

    Eli – President
    Cary -Vice
    Mem – Treasurer
    Jack – Secretary
    Robin – Social Media Secretary
    Rick Ayers

COSine 2018:

    Current projection is for 175 attendees.
    ConCom GOH dinner planned Thursday Night – Jan 18th – Panino’s – Powers and S. Carefree – 7 PM.
    We may be slightly in the red this year.
    We have paid for projected consuite expenses.
    Hotel precon meeting on Tuesday- 1/9.
    We will provide art show lock.
    Volunteers always welcome.
    Book Plates will be at reg.
    Books for raffle will be ready by Saturday noon.
    Liquid Nitrogen event Sunday Morning.
    Day rates are set – $20/$35/$15

Unfinished Business:

    We have purchased a Dewar for Liquid Nitrogen.
    We saw latest Star Wars.

New Business: No New Business


    There is a convention coming up in two weeks.
    Kent and Mem are GOH at Westercon.
    July Meeting will be on 2nd Friday.

Next Meeting:

    8 PM – Kent and Mem’s – February 2, 2018
    How Much For Just The Planet – John M Ford
    New Officers installed

Meeting Adjourned: 21:24