February 2, 2018 Minutes

First Friday Fandom Meeting – February 2, 2018

Meeting Called to order: 20:08

Attending: Eli, Mem, Kent, Lisa, Jack, Richard Karsh, Ray, Robyn, Karen, Ted, Robin, Rick, Cary, Joe,

Presiding: Eli

President’s Report: NTR

VP report: Vice is Here

Secretary: Minutes posted to Facebook

Social Media Secretary: NTR

Treasurer: COSine monies are still being sorted. We need COSine expense reports turned in ASAP.

Committee to find the bylaws: dissolved

Refreshment Committee: We have refreshments.

Insurance Committee: Probably nothing until COSine.

Photo Committee:
If you have Photos from COSine 2018 bring in a flash drive or link to photos on the web.

Trustees Report: NTR

COSine 2018:

    162 attendees. 151 warm bodies.
    Not the best of weather on Sunday.
    We made the room block with the hotel.
    Not enough to waive Bartender fee.
    Con probably in the red, no unexpected expenses.
    We should have a better idea next month.
    Some found items will be posted to Facebook.
    One piece of unpicked up art, Karen is sorting out.
    Not the best of art shows, but a good purchase/attendee ratio.

COSine 2019:

    Still looking for science guest. Open to suggestions.
    Mem will do Registration.
    Ted will do Programming.
    Carrie Vaughn is GOH.
    We should get a table at Westercon.
    Need to look at Hotel options beyond Elegante.

Unfinished Business: NTR

New Business: Springtime Movie night, any candidates. What Science Fiction movies are coming out?


    Mem is tired
    Han Solo Movie coming out sometime (May 25th?) 80% reshot
    Altered Carbon released on Netflix -Police procedural SF
    Falcon Heavy relaunch vehicle being launched
    Elon Musk is selling flame-throwers.
    Club shall not purchase flame-thrower.
    Ursala K Le Guin remembered.
    Jack has a Peri fountain to give away.
    They found a lost satellite.

Next Meeting:

    Kent and Mem’s
    Princess Bride – William Goldman
    Nothing Special planned

Meeting Adjourned: 21:10