December 14, 2018 Minutes

First Friday Fandom Meeting – December 14, 2018

Meeting Called to order: 20:21

Attending: Eli, Lisa, Richard, Joe, Robyn, Jack, Cary

Presiding: Eli

President’s Report: NTR

VP report: NTR

Secretary: NTR

Social Media Secretary: NTR

In York

Trustees Report:

    President – Kent
    Vice President – Ted
    Sect: Jack
    Soc Sect: Robin
    Treasurer : MEM
    Trustees: Joe, Rick, Karen
    COSine 2020 Anti-chair: Eli

Book Committee: 2019 Book list is unavailable

Refreshment Committee: Refreshment in garage. Last weeks refreshments are not here.

Photo Committee: NTR

COSine 2019:

    Meeting in Breckenridge Room at Elegante Hotel,
    Room available from 7:30 PM
    Thursday Night Dinner TBD- Ask Carrie if she has a favorite?

Old Business: Winter Movie Decision – Enders game coming to Netflix?

New Business:
Have a convention – dinner with GOH night before


    100th birthday of Lazarus Long
    2019 release of video game cyberpunk release – Cyberpunk 2077
    3rd successful launch of reused launcher

Next Meeting:

    January 4th, Elegante Hotel – Breckenridge Room
    Carrie Vaughn book
    Pre-COSine Meeting

Meeting Adjourned: 21:24

Book Discussion:

    Small Gods – Pratchett
    Synopsis: – belief creates god – a tongue in cheek look at old time religion migrating to modern religion.
    Pratchett is ah-ha funny, not ha-ha funny.