January 4, 2019 Minutes

First Friday Fandom Meeting – January 4, 2019

Meeting Called to order: 20:20 in the Telluride Room at The Elegante.

Attending: Richard, Don, Jack, Cary, Kent, Robyn, Lisa, Mem, Joe, Morland, Ted, Robin, Connor, Eli, Tim, Karen, Erin, Rosa

Presiding: Eli

President’s Report: NTR

VP report: NTR

Secretary: Minutes were posted to Facebook Page

Social Media Secretary: NTR


    Dues were collected prior to voting for officers.
    We have enough money stashed in various accounts to hold a convention.
    Ted will take care of re-enrolling the club with the Colorado Secretary of State.

Trustees Report:

    Recommended Slate of Officers:
    President: Kent Bloom
    Vice President: Ted Monogue
    Secretary: Jack Heneghan
    Social Secretary: Robin Monogue
    Treasurer: Mem Morman
    Trusteees: Joe Sokola, Rick Ayers, Karen Jordan
    2020 Anti-Chair: Eli Roa
    The recommended slate of officers was accepted by acclamation.
    They will begin office at the first meeting in February.

Book Committee:

    Book Committee is disappointed with the response to the top 100 list that was passed around last year with the request for club members to select some titles for 2019. The book committee has 5 titles to start the year with.
    Mem has resigned from the Book Committee.
    The Book Committee now consists of Cary, Robin, Eli, and Erin.

Refreshment Committee: We had some mini-Cream Puffs to share in the hotel meeting room, along with hotel provided mini candies.

Photo Committee:

    Photo Committee is sharing Dropbox accesss to the COSine Photo Library.
    Currently Joe, Mem, and Jack have permissions.
    Anyone who has COSine photos to share from 2004 to current times, please contact Jack.

COSine 2019:

    A lot of COSine business was addressed as we are holding the convention in two weeks.
    Richard and Mem are meeting with the Hotel for a final review on Monday.
    Morland volunteered to provide support for the Else’s dealer room setup.
    Sheila will need some help in the Con Suite, as she has a broken arm. Several volunteers spoke up.
    The GOH dinner will be Thursday Evening (Jan 17) at the Jose Muldoon’s on Powers.

Old Business:

    We are still looking for a club movie night.
    Aquaman was strongly promoted but didn’t seem to gain consensus.
    Looks like we will continue to postpone a decision.
    Iron Sky 2 is a crowd-funded sequel to Iron Sky and will be released in Finland, Jan 2019.

New Business: None


    A lot of works are entering public domain for the first time in 20 years; the last delay has expired.
    Works published in 1923 are now in the public domain.
    Mickey goes on the block in 2024.

Next Meeting:

    Kent and Mem’s
    Book: Neuromancer by William Gibson
    Special: Post COSine wrap-up

Meeting Adjourned: 22:01

Book Discussion: none