May 5, 2019 Minutes

First Friday Minutes: May 5, 2019 20:15

Attending: Richard, Kent, Mem, Eli, Lisa, Jack, Cary, Don, Arlen, Karen, Erin, Rick, Morland, Ted, Brendan, Richard, Rosa


President’s Report: NTR

Vice President’s Report: NTR

Secretary’s Report: Minutes of previous Meeting posted to Facebook.

Social Secretary’s Report:

    COSine site not updated.
    Remote access tool for next meeting still not selected.
    Discord suggested for audio meeting.
    Finally selected.
    Accessible from all platforms.

Treasurer’s Report:

    As of Today, we have money.
    But no numbers.
    Probably the same as last time.

Book Committee:

    Books through August –
    Enders Game,
    The Light of Other Days,
    Sept/oct/nov/dec – TBD

Photo Committee: NTR

Refreshments Committee: Brownies and Oreos are available.

Old Business: We saw ‘The man who killed Don Quixote’. Good movie

New Business: None


    Jack has weird socks.
    Brendan passed Comprehensives. Continuing to pursue academic career.
    Asteroids are all around.
    Peter Mayhew died. May the Fourth be with you.
    Saturday is free comic book day.

Next Meeting:

    Kent and Mem’s – June 7th –
    Ted and Robin will Host
    Book: Ender’s Game
    Remote access to discuss COSine future.

Adjourn: 20:30

Book Discussion: Tolkien – ‘Lord of the Rings’

    The archetype of the Epic Fantasy. It has Tom Bombadil!
    Polished, Well-written, many different types of scenes, except romance.
    Tolkien was a bit obsessive in the details of his world.
    Fans are a bit obsessive, as well. Why didn’t the Eagles carry them to Mt Doom?
    Bombadil came before the Ents.
    Inevitable comparisons between books and movies.
    Where should the word ‘fuck’ appear, if you only have one chance to use it.
    Cervantes vs Tolkien – Battle of the imagination!
    LotR starts out small in book 1, then it grows and grows into an epic tale.
    One of the most significant books of the 20th century.
    Tolkien’s son doesn’t really help expand the story very well.
    Eli said something profound.