June 7, 2019 Minutes

First Friday Minutes: June 7th, 2019 – 20:20

Attending: Eli, Robin, Robyn, Conor, Ted, Jack, Joe, Morland, Rosa, Richard B, Karen, Erin, Rick, Cary, Don – Online: Sheila, Arlen, Mem, Kent, Lisa, Richard K.

Note: It did take a few minutes to get the online communications system working.

Presiding: Ted

President’s Report: NTR

Vice President’s Report: Brownies in the Kitchen

Secretary’s Report: Minutes of previous Meeting posted to Facebook. This one is being done with Pen and Paper!

Social Media Secretary’s Report: NTR

Treasurer’s Report:

Trustees: Arlen Feldman is eligible for club membership with his 3rd meeting. Monies were paid to cover his dues.

Book Committee: NTR

Photo Committee: NTR

Refreshments Committee:

    Lots of stuff to munch available.
    A list was passed around for 4th of July picnic contributions.
    Eli will be coordinating foodstuffs.
    Picnic will take place Friday, July 5th, at K&M’s, starting @ 3-4 PM, with food prep @ 4-5 PM, and serving food @ 5-6 PM.

COSine 2020:

    A group submitted a bid to run COSine 2020, January 24-26, 2020.
    Their planning document was distributed May 20th for general review.
    COSine 2020 is being planned for the Marriott on Rockrimmon.
    Preliminary talks with the hotel are projecting room rates of $120 per night with an 80 room night commitment.
    All the main programming facilities are on the ground floor

    There was discussion on the planning document and some questions were raised about the numbers being used for planning.
    It was suggested that the planning should include worst case/mid-case/best case scenarios for the number of attendees, possibly 130/190/250 or somesuch.

    It was also pointed out that the COSine email address list is not available to be used by non-COSine conventions.
    Promises made in the past restrict the use of any emails COSine has collected to only be used for COSine information and promotion.
    Which means we can not share the list with other conventions to cross-promote each others conventions.

    It was also noted that the club does not expect COSine 2020 to actually make a profit. The overall hope is to break even and the expectation is to minimize the loss

    With these considerations taken into account, a motion was made to provide financial support for the group headed by Arlen Feldman, Morland Gonsoulin, and Karen Jordan to present COSine 2020. The motion was passed nearly unanimously with one lone voice grouchily stating COSine was…

Old Business:

    Club night at the Theater is still open.
    Ad Astra was suggested.
    Someone said it didn’t sound promising.
    But it doesn’t open until September.

New Business: None


    Free RPG Day, June 15th (RPG is NOT Rocket Propelled Grenades)
    Spacex is launching boatloads of little satellites into very low orbits thereby blockading our access to outer space.
    Good Omens is on Amazon (all 6 episodes) and is very good. Spoiler alert: Armageddon

Next Meeting:

    July 5th (First Friday) at Kent and Mary’s
    4 PM onward
    4th of July Picnic

Adjourn: 21:11

Book Discussion: Ender’s Game.