January 8, 2008 Minutes

First Friday Fandom January 4.

Meeting Called to Order: 8:30

Attending, Jack, Terry, Kent, Ted, Erin, Karen, Joe, Cary, MEM, – All paid their $10 annual dues.

Proposed Slate:

    President: Robin Monogue
    Vice-President: Terry Adams
    Secretary: Mary Morman
    Treasurer: Joe Sokola
    COSine Chair: Ted Monogue
    Trustee: Cary Quinn
    Trustee: Jack Heneghan
    Trustee: Kent Bloom


    Robin by acclimation
    Terry by acclimation
    Mary by Acclimation
    Joe by Acclimation
    Trustees Acclimated

Vice – Chocolate must go

Trustees – Nothing

Book Committee: Need a new book Committee

COSine 2008:

    Dealers Room Full
    Registration: some on line
    Fan Tables for SG and Denvention
    Waiting to hear from Melissa on programming

    Art Show will be happening
    Filk in the evening
    Art Auction in Art show room

    Video Schedule half done. Arranging projector.

    Day Memberships
    $15 – $25 – $10

    Need Signs
    Make out Checks
    Con Suite in T141
    Day Rates
    Game Room – Open Gaming
    Con Suite Hours
    noon- 2 PM
    Dealers Hours
    10 AM -6 PM

    Ask Mike and other Authors about books for raffle
    Raffle Tickets

    Ask about mikes and speakers for programming.

    Ask Hoyts about Nubella Awards

    Mary, Terry will provide Restaurant Guide

    Roll of Tickets for Raffle


Meeting adjourned 10:45 PM