First Friday Minutes: November 1, 2019

First Friday Minutes: November 1, 2019 – Karen’s and Erin’s

Attending: Kent, Robin, Lisa, Mem, Robyn, Joe, Erin, Karen, Arlen, Ted, Cary, Tim, Jack, Eli, Kait, Richard, Morland, New People: Jon, Marcus, David Luperti

Presiding: Kent – 18:35 PM

President’s Report: NTR

Vice President’s Report: Pizza and Cake

Secretary’s Report: Minutes of previous Meeting posted to Facebook. And posted to Website!

Social Secretary’s Report: Page updated for Today.

Treasurer’s Report:

    Someone accepted a $1600 check.
    Sold 17 items at MileHiCon.
    $480 minus Square Fees (2.8%) for ~ $456.
    Paypal charging ~3.5% interest.
    $182 Gift Card for movie night.
    $10K+ in Ent account. Includes A Lot of COSine Memberships.

Book Committee:

    Lots of books were bought for 2020, at least two of each.
    Thanks are rendered to Mr Jordan.
    2020 book list was given to Social Secretary.

Insurance Committee: We have insurance for COSine.

Photo Committee: NTR

Refreshments Committee: Cake and Pizza have been provided.

COSine 2020:

    135 registered members.
    20 dealer tables.
    25 Artists signed up.
    Dealer table rate goes up today.
    Membership rates go up today.
    Program Book TBD.
    Need lanyards.
    We have laminator (M&K).
    We have ribbons.
    May need Dymo labels.
    Registration needs computer and printer.
    Squares belong to club.
    Art Show is autonomous.

COSine 2021:

    Big issue is the dates- Jan 29-31 – what’s wrong with those dates? nothing!
    2021 GOH still being investigated. Send suggestions

Old Business: Ted planning for week after Xmas.

New Business: None


    Galaxy Quest Documentary November 26 at Interquest.

    December meeting is second Friday – December 13 .

    January Meeting will be at hotel – January 3.

    Happy Birthday, Karen!

    Eli reports Starlink is still happening.

    Mem will replace knee in January.

    Mercury transit on November 11.

Next Meeting: December 13, 2019 – Erin and Karen’s
8 PM

Adjourn: 19:50

Movie Time!: Edge of Tomorrow