First Friday Minutes: December 13, 2019

First Friday Minutes: December 13, 2019 – Karen’s and Erin’s

Attending: Kent, Lisa, Mem, Joe, Erin, Karen, Arlen, Ted, Cary, Tim, Jack, Eli, Kait, Richard Karsh, Rosa, Marcus: New People: Cyndi Dunn, Wes Dunn

Presiding: Kent – Called to order at 20:18

President’s Report:

Vice President’s Report:
Leftover cake from COS Weavers Guild.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes of previous Meeting posted to Facebook. And posted to Website!

Social Secretary’s Report: NTR

Treasurer’s Report:
We have money. $ in Ent and Paypal. $187 on gift card.

Trustees Report: Kait and Marcus are eligible to join.
Trustees have a Slate:

  • President: Eli
  • VP: Morland
  • Secretary: Jack
  • Treasurer: Lisa
  • Social Secretary: Robin
  • Trustees: Karen, Mem, Richard Karsh

  • Book Committee: 2020 books have been bought and brought to Karen’s

    Insurance Committee:
    COSine committee has info. Going to sleep for another year.

    Photo Committee: NTR

    Refreshments Committee: VP has coordinated refreshments

    COSine 2020:

  • 136 pre-reg.
  • Royal Manticoran Navy will be present.
  • Some program participants haven’t paid up yet.
  • Gun table has been resolved.
  • Laminations have been acquired.
  • Labels have been acquired.
  • Schedule has been done.
  • Courtney Willis on Sewing Machines!
  • Con suite money is pre-planned.
  • Some supplies are in excess.
  • Gaming programming will have prizes.
  • 42 Authors for signing.
  • Ribbons are available.
  • Plan for GOH Dinner Thursday Evening and pay for self

  • COSine 2021:

  • GOH selected, Artist GOH selected.
  • Should have Elegante back with full facilities.

  • Old Business: Rise of Skywalker – Thursday Dec 26, Thursday Jan 2 – Between 7-8 PM – Cinemark on Powers. Preliminary vote says Jan 2, @20 people attending.

    New Business:


  • June 17-21 – Rocky Mountain Star Stare in Gardner, Colorado- with speakers.
  • Mandalorian is amazing. On Disney Plus
  • COSine schedule available for review
  • Next Meeting: January 3, 2020 – Hotel Elegante

  • 8 PM
  • Elections
  • COSine prep
  • Book: 1632 – Eric Flint

  • Adjourn: 21:03

    Book Discussion:
    Magic Kingdom for Sale – Sold! – Terry Brooks

  • Predictable
  • Turgid
  • I like Terry’s Characters, not the story.
  • Setup was too slow
  • It was Meh
  • Eli wait-listed the library version without the ! – This is a ghost book.
  • Discussion is pretty slow.
  • Suspension of belief was more involved with the financing methods rather than magic elements.
  • She liked rhyming magic.
  • Not very humorous
  • Money isn’t worth as much today as it was then.
  • The conversation is splintering, I can’t hear anything anymore,
  • Now we are discussing Roman Plumbing.
  • We are not a 501(3c) federal org, we are a non-profit Colorado organization. We just file postcards on-line for tax purposes.