First Friday Minutes: August 7, 2020

First Friday Minutes: August 7, 2020 – ZOOM

Attending: Eli, Karen, Arlen, Richard Karsh, Erin, Kent, Lisa, Mem, Joe, Jack, Sheila, Keith, Wes, Cyndi, Tim,

Presiding: Eli – 20:10 – In the year of great tribulations

President’s Report: NTR

Vice President’s Report: Morland-NP

Secretary’s Report: Jack- Minutes of previous Meeting posted to Facebook. And posted to Website!

Social Media Secretary’s Report: Robin-NP

Treasurer’s Report: Lisa – We have money. 78 cents more than last month

Trustees Report: NTR

Book Committee: NTR

Insurance Committee: NTR

Photo Committee: NTR

Refreshments Committee: Self-supplied

COSine 2021:

    It is canceled
    No GOH video
    Morland will organize?

COSine 2022:

    Same contract as 2021
    This will be live – not virtual
    Same GOHs
    Web Site updated

Old Business:

    Website Needs to be updated
    On Line Movie night to be organized by whoever is interested

New Business:

    ZOOM Will require password for next meeting
    It may be included in a new URL
    Mem wants to be on the photo committee


    It’s Mem’s Birthday! Happy Birthday!
    There’s a meteor shower coming.
    Karen will be live with some students.

Next Meeting: September 4, 2020 – ZOOM
Book: Old Man’s War by John Scalzi

Adjourn: 20:39

Book Discussion: Book: The Peshawar Lancers by S.M. Stirling

    Virtual Worldcon had some interesting issues, including Toastmaster Hugo awards.
    Only business meeting and NZ Award ceremony were live.
    Second time around, Peshawar Lancers was more enjoyable.
    Summary, 1879 comet breaks up in atmosphere wipes out Atlantic coastline
    British relocated to India and became a superpower.
    Russia is cannibal land
    French are in North Africa
    US is City States
    Set in 2020, technology is 1920
    Did the author collapse on himself?
    Why don’t books have hyperlinks?
    It’s an alternate history with seeresses
    Some mystical hijinks ensue
    Did Eddings write this?
    The Foundation Series is coming on Apple TV. There is a trailer out there somewhere

    “If ever there was a company trying to better people’s lives, through technology, through connectivity, it’s Apple” – The Foundation (2021)