First Friday Minutes: January 1, 2021

First Friday Minutes: January 1, 2021

Attending: Eli, Cait, Karen, Richard Karsh, Erin, Kent, Lisa, Mem, Morland, Joe, Jack, Sheila, Keith, Robyn, Robin C, Cary

Presiding: Eli – 20:10

President’s Report: Eli-NTR

Vice President’s Report: Morland-NTR

Secretary’s Report: Jack- Minutes of previous Meeting posted to Facebook. And posted to Website!

Social Media Secretary’s Report: Robin-NTR

Treasurer’s Report: Lisa – We have money. No Changes – Someone is not depositing her check.

Trustees Report: Karen/Mem/Richard Karsh –
Election Slate
President – Eli Roa
VP – Jack Heneghan
Secretary – Morland Gonsoulin
Treasurer – Lisa Peoples
Social Media Secretary – Robin Monogue
Trustees – Karen Jordan/Mem Morman/Richard Karsh

Slate elected by acclamation!

Book Committee: Cary/Erin/Eli – NTR

Insurance Committee: Kent- NTR

Photo Committee: Jack/Joe/Mem – NTR

Refreshments Committee: Self-supplied

COSine 2022: Arlen/Morland -CoChairs
Chairs meeting every few weeks
Nothing to Report

Old Business:

New Business:

Some books are coming into the library
Joe may be unemployed again, soon
Stimulus checks are coming
The Orville will be on Hulu instead of Fox in 2021
Lisa doing a Asian Market run.

Next Meeting: February 5, 201 – ZOOM
Book: Double Star by Robert Heinlein

Adjourn: 20:34

Book Discussion: Book: The Martian by Andy Weir