First Friday Minutes: April 2, 2021

Attending: Eli, Morland, Kent, Mem, Ted, Robin, Rosa, Cyndi, LisaJulie, Joe, Jack, Arlen, Cary
Presiding: Eli – 20:06
President’s Report: Eli – If you’re getting charged for Zoom Meetings, please let us know.
Vice President’s Report: Jack – NTR
Secretary’s Report: Morland – Minutes of previous Meeting posted to Facebook. And posted to Website!
Social Media Secretary’s Report: Ted – NTR
Treasurer’s Report: Lisa – We have lots of money. More money than we had last month.
Trustees Report: Mem – NTR
Book Committee: Eli – NTR
Photo Committee: Jack/Joe/Mem – NTR
Refreshments Committee: Self-supplied
COSine 2022: Arlen/Morland (CoChairs) – NTR
Old Business: – NTR
New Business: – Ted has renewed the period report to the state, so we’re good for another year!
Discuss 4th of July get-together provided everyone is vaccinated at next meeting.
Announcements: – Robin – Becky Chambers’ book is onsale at Amazon for $1.99
Eli – Colorado Springs Vaccine website
Joe – I’m at the meeting tonight!
Next Meeting: Friday, May 7th, 2021 – Zoom
Book: Startide Rising by David Brin
Adjourn: 20:41
Book Discussion: Book: Have Spacesuit Will Travel by Robert Heinlein