First Friday Fandom Minutes: November 5, 2021

First Friday Minutes: November 5th, 2021 at Karen’s place – movie meeting, watched ‘The Martian’

Note: There was some initial confusion regarding when the actual meeting (vs. the movie) was supposed to take place. Meeting took place AFTER ‘The Martian’. Attending reflects all who checked in at some point during the time period whether at the movie or at the meeting.

Attending: Eli, Cait, Karen, Arlen, Richard Karsh, Erin, Kent, Lisa, Mem, Morland, Joe, Jack, Rosa, Richard, Sheila, Keith, Ted, Robin, Robyn, Cary, Wes, Cyndi, Tim, Dave, Marcus

Zoom at Meeting: Eli, Ted, Lisa, Karen, Don, Jack, Cait, Erin, Megan (2nd meeting), Richard K.

Presiding: Eli Roa called the meeting to order at 8:55pm Nov 5th 2021

President’s Report: Eli – Nothing to report

Vice President’s Report: Jack – Nothing to report

Secretary’s Report: Morland – Will post minutes of previous to Facebook. And post to Website!

Social Media Secretary’s Report: Robin – Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report: Lisa – We have money.

Trustees Report: Karen/Mem/Richard Karsh – Nothing to report

Book Committee: Cary/Erin/Eli – Nothing to report

Photo Committee: Jack/Joe/Mem – Nothing to report

Refreshments Committee: Self-supplied

COSine 2022: Arlen/Morland -CoChairs
• Will have Con Comm meeting soon

Old Business:
• No old business

New Business:
• No new business
• No purchase of new physical books
• December meeting is where we will nominate COSine officers
• January meeting will be at the Hotel Elegante

• We have a dog like kitty cat
• Please think about getting a booster if you’re thinking about coming to COSine

Next Meeting: Friday, December 3rd
• Book: Time for the Stars by Robert A. Heinlein

Adjourn: 9:34 pm

Book/Movie Discussion: The Martian by Andy Weir