First Friday Fandom Minutes: December 3, 2021

FFF Minutes – December 3, 2021
Members Present:

•Rosa (Zoom)
•Richard K. (Zoom)
•Sheila (Zoom)
•Keith (Zoom)
•Cary (Zoom)
•Joe (Zoom)
•Cheryl (Zoom)

(16 Total)
Meeting called to order: 8:11pm

President: Absent
VP: Nothing to report
Secretary: Not present, sent message that Minutes were posted
Treasurer: Not present, sent message with numbers
Trustees: Voting for next year’s offices

Election Slate

•President: Eli Roa
•VP: Ted Monogue
•Treasurer: Lisa Peoples
•Social Media Secretary: Jack Heneghan
•Secretary: Morland Gonsoulin
•Trustees: Karen, Mem, Cyndi, Richard K.

Voting will take place at January meeting. Dues will also be collected at that meeting.

Old Business: None

New Business:

•For booklist, swapping February book with May Book (If in May, author will Zoom in) Witch Slapped <> Cryptid Catcher (Lea Fisher)

•Westercon didn’t get a bid. Any interest in Pueblo Convention Center bid? (July 4th, 2023)
Taken under advisement. Not a lot of enthusiasm. May discuss at future meetings.

COSine 2022:

•138 people registered as of early Friday
•Dealer room is full
•Artist: 14 panels, 11 tables sold (the rest are spoken for)
•Room nights: 84 (as of Monday, Nov. 29th)
•Gaming will be run by Megan Mcquown
•Con-Suite will be run by Melanie Unruh, Rosa & Richard together
•Rosa needs to know if we can rent a refrigerator vs. ice buckets?
•Video – We have a Harry Potter fan video to show
•Schedule for convention was sent out
•Cover art was received from Peri
•Arlen & Morland will be working on the program book
•Cool Science is our charity, will have a table on Saturday
•Karen will figure out the Thursday dinner! Paninos! 6:00p-8:00p, except for guests, people pay their own way, please bring cash. Carefree & Powers, reservation for 25

COSine 2023:

•Will be January 6th-8th at the Eleganté
•We have a Guest of Honor (excluded from minutes, will be announced at COSine 2022)


Next meeting: Hotel Elegante, El Paso Room, 8:00p, will be voting and collecting dues
Next book: Alliance Rising

Meeting adjourned: 9:09p