Map to First Friday Fandom


Take I-25 to Exit 149 (Woodmen Road) and take Woodmen west (towards the mountains) for six stop lights. At some point Woodmen magically becomes Rockrimmon; just keep driving straight on and don’t let the name change bother you.

Turn right at the stoplight at Allegheny Drive. This is a right only light with a fire station on the left.

Go up hill about a mile and a half over six speedbumps. So follow Allegheny up and around, counting speedbumps.

1245 is on the left, three houses after the last speedbump. It’s a brown cedar house with a big green metal mailbox and a Basset hound on the front porch. Phone (719) 522-0387 if you get lost.

Please remember that meetings start at 8pm so don’t plan to arrive before 7:30pm. Thanks!